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Dear Brave One

I know you have a lot on the go.

You’re on the visionary path, striving toward the dream, but something’s missing.

You’re juggling balls like a pro, managing work, family and personal pursuits.

But you’ve lost that spark. You’re not feeling the juice like you used to.

And your work is not as fulfilling as it used to.

The passion and energy that used to fuel you has waned, and in its place some doubts, complacency, or burnout have crept in, and the depth of your eyes (and the window to your soul) reveals the questions,

“Is this it? Why am I doing this, really?”

So you’ve evolved on your journey, as great leaders do, and your ventures may not have kept up with your emerging desires, and perhaps… some new dreams are awakening in you.

It’s taking all of your energy to stay on the current trajectory.

And you realize…

That it’s time to light that flame of the wildfire within.


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Success Stories

  • "Since [working with Sue] my business has grown on average 30% per month from the previous year’s month. If you want to change your bad habits, your negative mind set, your lack of self-confidence… Sue can and will help you."

    JR, Owner, Service Business (over $1M in revenues)

Meet Sue

Sue Bowe McKee

Sue Bowe McKee


Sue works with soulful visionaries, from activists to CEOs, who are courageously becoming who they really are. She helps them navigate their purposeful journey, without burning out or selling out, so they can work smarter, relax more, and co-create better, using the power of the mind and the energy of nature.

Isn’t it time to tend your wildfire within?