How to breakthrough your unconscious blocks and create a more effective and faster path to fulfilling work and life freedom

Hasn’t that old baggage been weighing you down long enough?!

Imagine the freedom and lightness you could feel by shedding that old stuff that’s dragging you down, and releasing your greatest potential to reach your career goals, and get on with designing a lifestyle that you truly enjoy, while you make an even bigger impact in the world.

Does this sound familiar?stressed businessman

  • You’re frustrated because you’ve reached a plateau in your work. You KNOW you’re supposed to be living a purposeful life and feeling happier and more relaxed than you currently are. And you’ve been working your ass off to get that freedom, but you’re still not there yet.
  • Your less-than-positive emotions are becoming a more frequent nuisance. You used to handle tough situations fairly easily but now your old ways of dealing with the stressful turmoil are not cutting it, and you’ve exploded or broken down a few times (or come close) in situations where it was just unacceptable.stressed woman
  • You have an old relationship or situation from the past that continues to suck your energy now. It won’t go away. And the emotion, whether it’s resentment or grief or anger, is just eating at you. You want to let it go but you don’t know how.
  • You know that you are the biggest thing that’s getting in your way. You know it all comes down to you. And that if something is holding you back, it’s likely inside of you rather than out in the world.  You suspect that you’re holding on to ideas that are getting in the way but you’re not sure what they are.
  • You’re feeling as if time is slipping away and you feel sick about it. You’ve noticed you’re feeling more worry, anxiety, or apprehension about the future, and you never used to feel like this.  It’s distracting you so much that it’s becoming a problem.

I’ve got GREAT news for you – you’re SO in the right place!

Shedding the less-than-positive thinking and stepping into my power-full self is what I do best, and it’s what I love to facilitate for my clients.

People say my system is life-changing and priceless.  My expertise is in assisting clients in transforming beyond all of their success blocks.

Here’s my secret…

The Personal Mastery Breakthrough

All my resilience and empowerment expertise combine in the Personal Mastery Breakthrough process; using the power of the mind and the energy of nature to resolve the root cause of the problem… for good.

It’s the simplest, fastest and least emotional way to clear out the old stuff that’s no longer serving you and transform it into positive, creative and powerful inner programming that will move you effectively toward your goals and dreams.

Forget the heavy emotional processing of all that past stuff. Use the power of the mind to get in, get the learning and get out, while you lighten the load of less-than-positive mental clutter.

This private coaching program is the accelerated road to personal mastery and freedom.

In fact, Personal Mastery Breakthroughs are the quickest and best way to:Awakening to your fire within

  • Release the past without all that talk and analysis.  All you need is a few hours to clear it out.
  • Move past your blocks and get on with your life. There’s no excuse; the tools are at your fingertips now.
  • Change the limiting beliefs that have been holding you hostage all your life. Why hold on to false limits when you can be soaring instead?
  • Stop emotional overreactions and respond with appropriate levels of emotions in the present and future. Say goodbye to emotional outbursts.
  • Let go of unwanted habits or behaviours by changing the internal programs that drive what you do and why you do it. It’s more than just willpower.
  • Step into your greatest potential. Because if you don’t know what you don’t know, you probably need some assistance to get where you want to go.
  • Leverage the mind to get results you really want, instead of trying but never quite getting there.

It’s not easy to get these kind of results. Many of us have struggled with making life changes, starting new habits, and reaching goals… it can take years of self-reflection and courage to change the way we think and push past our limits. If we don’t have a roadmap to follow, we can easily waste months and even years, with nothing to show for it.

The Personal Mastery Breakthrough is critical to your success.

In this program you’ll:

  1. Clearly identify the problem (yes often the problem is hidden and cleverly disguised)
  2. Uncover the pattern and purpose; just what exactly your unconscious mind is attempting to accomplish when it executes this pattern
  3. Release the limiting programming using the unrivaled power of the mind
  4. Activate new behavioural strategies that get the results you want
  5. Clarify and lock in your goals and build momentum on the action plan to get you there

Sometimes we spend a lifetime struggling with these problems when they can be resolved quickly with the right techniques.

Here’s what you’ll learn when you jump into this program:Jump into this Breakthrough Program

  1. How to dig into the issue so that you know exactly what’s causing the problem.
  2. What you’ve been doing your entire your life that once served you but now no longer does.
  3. The deepest unconscious beliefs that are derailing your results – all of them, unique to you – and how to change them.
  4. That you’re not crazy and you don’t need to be fixed. It will be such a relief to understand all the “why’s” of your actions, with compassion and celebration.
  5. The customized process to release the old patterns quickly, effortlessly, and with deep understanding and insights.
  6. What you need to do consciously in order to create healthy patterns that support your goals.

Customized Breakthrough Programs with Sue. Your life will never be the same again.

Here’s how it works:

You spend a series of half day and full day sessions with me, usually in-person but these can also be on Skype or by phone, followed by a series of phone sessions. We start off with the Leadership Blind Spots Assessment for a half day to uncover the root cause of the issues, and all the related programming. Then, we meet to release the old baggage and limiting patterns and install the new mental programs and strategies into your brain.  We literally re-train your brain. All this is usually complete in the first 30 days or sooner.

Breakthrough to your DreamsYou will have an undeniable experience of the release of the less-than-positive emotions, the changing of the limiting patterns, the integration of inner conflicts, and the pathway forward opening up.

You’ll get clear on your desired outcome and we’ll lock that in to your future and create a detailed action plan to keep you on track and moving forward.

And we’ll set up an accountability schedule to ensure that you have the support you need to create the momentum toward your goal.

We keep removing the blocks until they’re all gone… and your life is undeniably changed.

“The [Personal Mastery] Program helped clear out the emotional blocks I was feeling that would stop me when I needed extra self-confidence, and to speak up for myself without fear of the results! I can’t thank Sue and her program enough!”
Amanda M

It’s a simple next step…

Tune in now to see if this feels like a “Yes!” for you.

And go ahead and book a complimentary no-strings-attached strategy conversation with me to see if this is a fit for you.

Request a Strategy Session Now

I’m really looking forward to connecting with you!

Until then, be free and wild.



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