The Simplest Way to Create Your Family Emergency Preparedness Plan

The Simplest Way to Create Your Family Emergency Preparedness Plan

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The Simplest Way to Create Your Family Emergency Preparedness Plan

Toronto, Ontario – In response to the natural disaster risks of unpredictable winter weather, self-sufficient living expert Sue Bowe McKee is making it her personal mission to make Emergency Planning available to every household in Canada, so that when emergencies happen, families are prepared, comfortable and safe.  Sue is helping parents get their emergency plan set with a half-day virtual workshop on January 3, 2015, for only $97. The workshop can be attended by phone or internet from anywhere in the world. “There’s just no reason not to be prepared this winter!” says Sue.

Sue is a survival and self-sufficiency expert who has been building personal and community resilience for years. With expertise in mental and emotional resilience, her work in the Transition Town movement, and as a co-creator of the Earth Wisdom Living program, Sue brings a unique and diverse skill set to practicing self-reliance and building an emergency plan.

“It’s heart-breaking to see the turmoil and suffering when natural disasters like the 2013 Ice Storm and Hurricane Sandy happen, when it can so easily be prevented with just a little bit of planning and preparation! Emergency preparedness is the insurance plan no one is selling you… you have to empower yourself to put it in place.”

This Emergency Empowerment Bootcamp is a half-day virtual workshop on January 3, 2015, where participants will learn the best practices from modern and ancient ways, in a robust workbook, with loads of done-for-you checklists and planning templates.  The best part is that during the frequent breaks in the workshop, participants will go and do what needs to be done to create their plan. It’s an action-packed, hands-on event, leaving participants with a working emergency plan for home, vehicle and evacuation.

For more information or to register for the Emergency Empowerment Bootcamp, go to

Sue is a Certified Trainer and Master Coach with a Bachelor of Science and an MBA.  She works with career-focused moms to build life balance and personal power through nature connection, with the ultimate goal of creating personal freedom and a self-sufficient lifestyle.


For additional information contact: Sue Bowe McKee,,, 416.238.7966

A half-day online workshop from Wildfire Wisdom to create your household emergency plan on January 3, 2015: The Emergency Empowerment Bootcamp. See for more details and to register.

About Wildfire Wisdom

Wildfire Wisdom is a nature-based training and coaching firm with a mission to help business owners who are struggling with going for their dreams without burning out. The Wildfire Wisdom teachings move people toward life balance, freedom and personal power, by re-connecting with nature, so they can create meaningful success and make a bigger difference in the world.

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The Myth of Self-Sufficiency

The Myth of Self-Sufficiency

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There’s a global movement afoot that is focused on self-reliance and self-sufficiency, and while I am a huge advocate and trainer in this lifestyle choice, I have noticed that most people have misinterpreted the true meaning of it, and risk falling into the trap and myth of self-sufficiency.

At first glance, the notion of self-sufficient living is a noble dream; to live resourcefully and empowered, getting all your needs met from within your homestead or hobby farm, and to be disconnected from the fragile and crumbling systems that our modern industrial civilization has come to depend on.

There’s an idealistic image of a cabin in the woods, away from the bustle of civilization and the rat race of career advancement, with peace and solitude blanketing the home and property.  Often there’s a pond nearby in this dream, with some Muskoka chairs to sit and reflect on the water that’s as smooth as glass.

Well I’m here to tell you that dream is a crock. It’s near impossible unless you have been training and honing the necessary skills for most of your life.  And even if you have the skill set to make a go of it by yourself or with your family, the isolation will drive you batty.  …this coming from a classic introvert who relishes my solitude!

Here’s why self-sufficiency is a myth…

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When the Next Blackout Hits Will you be Ready?

When the Next Blackout Hits Will you be Ready?

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When the Next Blackout hits Will You be Ready? Here in North America we’ve been bombarded with winter storms and extreme temperatures this winter. It seems that almost every week there is a city or state in the US declaring a state of emergency due to heavy snow, winds, and electricity outages.  We had our turn over the holidays here in Canada with hundreds of thousands of people across Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes without power for days, many of them for over a week. There were thousands of cold, hungry and miserable families who eventually relocated to a friend’s home, a hotel, or a public warming station.

This will happen again.

Are you going to be ready next time?

Weather patterns are becoming more extreme with climate change, and our old electricity grid is fragile and vulnerable to wind, ice, lightning and snow storms.

Blackouts are the new normal.

So what will you do to ensure your family is safe, warm and well fed during the next natural disaster?  Short of planning an evacuation location, building resilience and self-sufficiency is the only way to ensure peace of mind knowing you can weather any chaos, in the comfort of your own home.

For some, a self-sufficiency plan involves knowing their family will be able to thrive for 2 weeks without power and basic services.  For others, their dream of self-sufficiency is to be living off the grid, able to meet all their family’s basic needs for a year or more!

It takes fore-thought and planning and yes, change; doing research, uncovering the options, and making sound decisions.  Your self-sufficiency plan is not something to be taken lightly.  It could mean the difference between your family’s comfort and safety, and their panic and heartbreak.

Leadership Unleashed is proud to announce the new Earth Wisdom Living program,


90-Days to Create Your Customized Plan for a Self-Sufficient Way of Life

It’s an online group training program that you can take from the comfort of your home or office.  We walk you through every aspect of planning for your family’s self-sufficiency, so you can build a plan that aligns with your core values, vision, budget, risk tolerance, and sense of urgency.

EARTH WISDOM LIVING is for you if you’re aware of the rapid and risky changes in the world and you want to live with a smaller footprint, more connected to the land, and in more empowered and resourceful way, but you’re not sure where to start, you’re overwhelmed with the options or you feel trapped by our current culture’s lifestyle options.

Plan you Dream starts March 4th, 2014!  Come see what it’s all about by clicking here. You can register online and secure your family’s safety. It’s that easy.

I welcome your feedback!  Please leave a link back to your own blog too via the commentluv feature here on the site.

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2 Useless Emotions

2 Useless Emotions

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There are two emotions that people are notorious for feeling on a regular basis that actually do us no good whatsoever.  One of these emotions keeps us focused in the past and the other has us preoccupied with the future.   And knowing that emotions are simply a signal to pay attention to something, these two emotions are actually alerting us to some deeper emotions beneath, but in and of themselves are pretty useless emotions.  In fact, these emotions are so insidious that they can be crippling to us if we let them run wild in our imaginations and in our bodies.  They reduce our productivity and impact, distract our mental focus, and can keep us in a state of inertia.

Can you guess what they are?

The two useless emotions are guilt and worry.  Let’s take a look at them one at a time.

We’ve all known a worrywart – this is a person that is more engaged with the future that they’re imagining in their heads than they are with what’s happening in the present moment.   Every conceivable negative possibility is on their mind, and they’re consumed with it.

Worry is a state of anxiety or uneasiness over actual or potential problems. Worry however, is an unproductive emotion. The same thoughts just keep cycling without ever churning out a lesson or an action.

What we need to do to stop that unproductive cycle is recognize that worry is a form of fear. And the purpose of fear is to keep us out of harm’s way; it’s a survival instinct.  So fear tells us that some action must be taken and/or something must be protected.  This is also true for worry.

The next time you’re worrying about something, ask yourself, “What must be done?” and then do it. Get it handled, so you can let go of the worry.  It serves no purpose otherwise.

Guilt, on the other hand, is focused on the past. People who are consumed with guilt will re-hash past events over and over in their minds, pondering all the could’ve’s, should’ve’s, and wish-I’d’s.  The reality is we can’t change the past.  All of this regurgitating of past events is a waste of energy.

Guilt is a feeling of being at fault; of having committed an offense.  The reason we feel guilty is that upon reflection, we feel badly about our behaviour.  And we feel badly about our behaviour because we behaved in a way that was against to our core values.  Once we recognize this, we can re-align ourselves to our core values and recommit to honouring them by choosing to do it differently next time.

The next step is to take action to right our behaviour from the past that we’re feeling badly about.  This may be done by communicating with the people involved, or it may be done alone by writing a letter that is never sent, or simply making peace within you by sending a blessing, for example.  Either way, once you take action, you can let go of the guilt.

I’d love to hear how you’ve stepped out of the guilt and worry cycles. And don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog too if you have one via the commentluv feature here on the site.

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Our Hunger for Community

Our Hunger for Community


When was the last time you enjoyed some time with a group of people in your neighbourhood or community, where you connected with youth and seniors and all ages in between, for fun? For most of us, not recently.

Gone are the days when we feasted and celebrated with our neighbours.

In fact, in suburbias like York Region, we’ve lost our connection to our sense of place and the people in it.  Nowadays millions of people spend evenings alone and if you look at a typical household family, each member is in a different room of the house with a tv, iPod or computer capturing their attention.

We are suffering from community-deficit disorder and it’s making us miserable.

Our lives have become fast-paced, debt-bound, and worry-stricken, as we rush from one commitment to the next, rarely sitting down to a meal with the whole family, much less breaking bread with our friends and neighbours.

One way that I’ve found to restore connection with others is African hand drumming.

In drum circle we have an opportunity to create together, and in doing so we build bonds with others.  The beauty of drumming is that everyone can participate.  Anyone from 3 to 90 years old can sit down with a drum and play in a group.  And when we feel the rhythm, the beat, the excitement… it’s therapy for our lonely souls.

We can experience our own rhythm in the context of all the others in the circle, while we are simultaneously influencing the others and reacting to the others in the group.  There’s an undulating flow between listening and responding, between leading and following, that deepens our connections with the other drummers. The rhythm surrounds us as both the container for creativity and the creative product we are producing. A smile is shared over a “Boom! Boom!”. Time stands still as we ‘zone out’ in the repetitive nature of a complex rhythm, feeling the vibrations of the drum through our bodies.  Then the rhythms gel and it feels like magic!   For a brief moment we can hear all of it, every part of the story, and then our focus shifts and we concentrate again on our own part of the whole.

There’s energy shared in drum circle… a continuous giving and receiving.

When the drumming ends we feel full… fuelled by the rhythms we’ve just shared.  We leave knowing that we’ve connected with others in a special way, without words. And by connecting with people in this way, we leave with our hearts open and our souls awakened.

If you would like to bring drumming in to your organization or group, either as an interactive workshop or simply for a performance, let me know so we can find a way to spread drumming into your world!