The Freedom to Be You

I’m passionate about learning, personal growth and professional development through coaching. And I want you to be living your purposeful path and creating the life and work that you were designed for.

Leadership Coaching is Personal

We all have stories, and blocks, and hidden obstacles to the success and happiness we’re seeking. Often it takes an objective view to see what’s really getting in the way, and swift tools to initiate the transformation you need to bust through it. And then I hold you accountable in taking new action. I use transformational tools from coaching, human consciousness evolution models, neuro linguistic programming (NLP), energy work, and spiritual guidance to create a customized solution just for you.

The coaching focus may vary, such that the tools I pull out of my diverse toolkit may vary as well, in line with what’s needed for your greatest good. Read more about my Intuitive Coaching approach here.

For clients who want the greatest transformation in the shortest time, my signature Personal Mastery Breakthrough Programs are the way to go. To learn more about these intensives, learn more about my Breakthrough programs here.

Whether it’s an ongoing coaching program or an intensive breakthrough program, you decide what we focus on in the coaching. Here are some examples of coaching programs I have designed for clients.

True Nature Authenticity Coaching: If you’re hiding the real you, and tend to shrink, puff up, or don a mask when interacting with others, then decoding authentic leadership is for you.

Emotional Freedom Coaching: When your emotions are knocking you off balance and you want to move through life more empowered when it comes to your emotions.

Soul Momentum Coaching: Perfect for kick-starting a stagnant dream, or re-aligning with your soul’s purpose. Discover your unique, compelling direction and set yourself up with intentional momentum towards it.

True Balance Coaching: Because being out of balance is unsustainable and unhealthy. Start building your unique balance formula.

Life Path Reboot Coaching: When the past is getting in the way of the present. Remove life-long sabotaging emotions, beliefs and patterns so you can step boldly into a new plan to achieve your dreams.

Read more about my coaching approach here

Let’s book a complimentary discovery conversation to see if this is for you!

certified coaching with Sue Bowe of Wildfire Wisdom

 Resilient Mindset Self-Study Course

Take charge of your mind and your emotions so you can secure your resilience, your grace, and your bouncebackability. The practical emotional intelligence wisdom that no one ever taught you, in a go-at-your-own-pace 3 module format Learn more.

Earth Wisdom Living Program

Do you dream of leaving it all and living in a cabin in the woods? If you’d like to get clear on your dream, for real, and make a workable plan to transition to that life of living lightly on the planet, we have the system for you. We’ll guide you through the options and decisions you need to plan that dream so that it’s meaningful and actionable. Let’s plan your dream for a self-sufficient way of life.  Talk to Sue to learn more about the options.


“If you need to make a change that you can’t seem to do on your own, you need to contact Sue. She will help you get the result that is desired. I would recommend Sue 100% as she cares for your change/improvements and produces results that are life changing.
Jonathan B, Sales Manager

Coaching with Sue Bowe supports your Learning and Growth


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