Transforming the Leader Within

The basic human condition is that the root of our problems lie in the mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions. The symptoms of the problem that we experience in the physical world are the external manifestation of the root causes. I serve my clients by going under the symptoms to find the root. I’ve spent years building my capabilities across the mind-body-spirit realms and have multiple tools to address the issue in each area.

What is Intuitive Energy Coaching?

I call the unique mash-up of methodologies I use with clients Intuitive Energy Coaching. Although one session can look very different from the next, it is typically a guided experience in a series of private sessions to address any life problem at the root cause.

Address root causes not symptoms

Our work together may be a package of one-to-one phone sessions or one or more intensive in-person days. We determine the best program format and duration based on what we uncover in the complimentary exploration conversation.

The work is a collaboration between coach and client, as I intuitively guide my client through integrated conversations, techniques and experiences that create transformation and healing at the mental, emotional and energetic bodies. Using a combination of coaching methodologies, meditative states, energy reading, hypnotherapy, and collaborative intention, I guide clients through an experience of self-awareness and self-healing.

When is it Useful?

There are many situations when you may find it ideal to work to me:

  • When you’re stuck or stalled
  • When you’re having trouble making a big decision
  • When you’re not sure what you really want
  • When you feel unhappy or disconnected and you’re not sure why
  • When your thoughts or emotions are becoming difficult to manage

What’s in it for You?

Clients enjoy great results from our work together.

You can…

  • Change unhealthy thoughts and beliefs
  • Clear stuck energy
  • Heal past trauma
  • Create the freedom to move forward
  • Refine your dreams and goals
  • Gain clarity on next steps
  • Generate momentum on goals
  • Understand your soul purpose
  • Learn how to navigate soul path themes
  • Reconnect with your Divine self
  • Enhance your intuition

… and so much more!

Interested in Coaching?

You may choose to have a single session with Sue to experience her approach, or sign on for a packaged series of sessions that continue to build on each other. More intensive private coaching programs are available as well.

Let’s chat first and see if there’s a fit.

Contact me to book a complimentary exploration conversation.

Here are some initial options:

One Session $200

Three Sessions $500

Three Months of Coaching (4 sessions per month)  $650/month

You can also engage in the Pay What You Want exchange – just ask me about it in the exploration conversation.

Coaching with Sue Bowe supports your Learning and Growth


“If you need to make a change that you can’t seem to do on your own, you need to contact Sue. She will help you get the result that is desired. I would recommend Sue 100% as she cares for your change/improvements and produces results that are life changing.
Jonathan B, Sales Manager



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