Weild your bow to create happiness and freedom

Freedom and Happiness

The Archer Wildwood Tarot - Aim for Happiness and Freedom
The Archer from Wildwood Tarot

You’re longing for more of what really matters in your life. The happiness you have is inconsistent, you’re worn down from the pace, and your soul is calling you toward something more, something more meaningful. There has to be a better way, you think.

And you can have it!  All you need is the roadmap for making it so.

At Wildfire Wisdom, we’ve created a system for stepping in to your truest personal power so you can wield your bow to manifest balance, live more in harmony with the earth, and create freedom for yourself and your family, while you optimize your impact and influence in the world.

Too often we get caught up in the success we’ve created for ourselves, and the drive for more becomes more stressful and full of pressures that take the fun and lightness out of the game.  What if you could transform the way you work, so that you’re enjoying life more AND growing wealth at the same time.

Harnessing your passion and aiming at your target is a conscious transmission of will.  You have desires and dreams in the form of arrows in your quiver. And you have everything you need to focus your aim and let loose your creative power.

It’s just a matter of harnessing that which is already in you.

And we can show you how.

So just…

Point your Arrow at Happiness and Freedom

Decide that it’s time for what truly matters


 Sue Bowe can help you target Happiness and Freedom

Our coaching services and group events are carefully designed to deliver this transformational work in easy-to-manage steps, to take you from depleted and dissatisfied to naturally powerful, balanced and free.

Here’s the easiest place to start…

Contact Sue to find a solution that meets your needs


“All good things are wild and free.”

– Thoreau


“Sue McKee has an intuitive sense that informs the work she does. She seems to reach for the right question at the right moment and drop it into the right conversation for the maximum movement in your process. She creates a great, safe space in which to work. Loved the process and recommend it. Thanks.”

Vicki Pinkerton, Quest Across Canada and Lifelines Coaching


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