How Emotional Intelligence builds Resilient Leaders

Now more than ever, we need the skills and tools to be resilient in the face of continuous change and unexpected challenges so that we thrive and shine through turbulent times. The key is taking charge of your mind and your emotions, so that :

  • negative emotions don’t derail and immobilize you
  • your thinking and judgement is dependable even under stress
  • you bounce back quickly when unexpected crises hit

Introducing the Resilient Mindset self-study program, so you can stay on top of your game mentally and emotionally no matter what comes your way!

The Resilient Mindset System

from Leadership UnleashedResilient Mindset & Freedom

Take Charge of your Mind and your Emotions to Secure your Bouncebackability

“Discover how to take charge of your Mind and your Emotions so that you can be at your best no matter what comes your way…”

NOW, a self-study program that you can do at your convenience, at your pace, designed specifically for busy leaders who need to stay at the top of their game, mentally and emotionally.  

The Resilient Mindset eCourse A Self-Study Program

Investment: CAD $99

Delivered in downloadable mp3’s and PDF’s by email, starting immediately upon ordering.

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Isn’t it time you stepped off of that merry-go-round where the routine and sameness is bogging you down and negative emotions and thought patterns are holding you hostage, and you took your leadership in work and in life to a new level of resilience, confidence and grace? I was in this place once too. I was on a well-paying corporate career path, lived in a beautiful home and had a growing family, but something was missing. I realized after my marriage ended that I had repressed emotions and was anything but resilient in my mental and emotional health. Now I am a thriving entrepreneur with a clear purpose and mission, intentionally creating the results I want using my strong personal foundation as my base. I set out to discover myself, asking “who am I at the core?” And in the process I got clear on what I stand for, how I needed to be to align with my values, and how to weather any storm using healthy emotional strategies. Using the tools and concepts in this program, I am living life more fully using all of my emotions, I bounce back easily from setbacks, and I have more joy, meaning and fulfillment in my life. I know this can be yours too.

“I’m sharing this to show what’s possible for YOU!”

Now, for the first time ever, you can learn these tools and strategies in a self-study format.

“The Resilient Mindset eCourse has enabled me to enjoy life more!”

Rachel Simioni

The Resilient Mindset eCourse:

Take Charge of your Mind and your Emotions to Secure your Bouncebackability

This program is perfect for you if you are an emerging or established conscious leader, and:

  • You have big responsibilities and are concerned that you might be less effective than you’d like to be with the overload
  • Your thoughts and emotions get overwhelming at times as they intensify and cycle endlessly within you
  • You are running on empty and just can’t seem to get the right kind of help you need to share load
  • You are aware that you a missing some emotions, or you have been known to explode with emotion at times
  • You are unsure of why you sometimes behave the way you do and need some clarity on what drives your behaviour
  • You are ready to take charge of your Self and move forward with more stability and confidence

Just think, how over a few short weeks, you’ll be clear on your emotional blind spots and clear on what it is that drives your behaviour so that you can align with these forces and create more integrity and congruence. It’s easy when we make the unconscious, conscious, so that we can make intentional choices about how we navigate our work and our lives. One of the keys to empowerment is mastering the mind-body connection, and using thoughts and emotions deliberately to get the results we want.

“When I listen to the guided visualization in the Resilient Mindset eCourse, and if my back is in pain when I start, when I’m done the pain is gone!” Wendy Hardman, Entrepreneur

Here’s just some of what we’ll cover:

Why building your resilient mindset is the key ingredient that most conscious leaders miss

  • The 5 most common leadership blind spots that people on mission have and don’t know it
  • How to create healthy emotional strategies & remove the grip that negative emotions have on you
  • The 4 best practices for creating “bouncebackability” in your leadership
  • The key distinction that will turn your understanding of empowermentupside down forever
  • The #1 way we miss out on leveraging the full power of the mind
  This is the program that will build your resilient mindset for good! You can always revisit these areas and update them for yourself, however this training program sticks for the long run. So you can just focus on executing your plan.

This is what you get in this program:

Module 1: Uncovering Your Emotional Blind Spots. Are negative emotions ruling you? Taking inventory of the signs and symptoms of emotional blind spots.

Module 2: Understanding & Accessing Your Emotions. Tapping in to your emotional body and learning the hidden messages contained in negative emotions.
Module 3: Building Healthy Emotional Strategies. The lessons we weren’t taught at home or at school, but that are critical for the normal functioning of our emotional guidance system.Resilient joyful woman

The Resilient Mindset Program covers this and so much more.

Aren’t you ready to say goodbye to mental and emotional turmoil for good!

Take Charge of your Mind and your Emotions Today

For just CAD $99 +tax

Delivered in downloadable mp3’s and PDF’s starting immediately upon ordering.

“Sue McKee is a powerful coach who helped me to integrate my life and my work. I am now truly able to live the adventure”
Vicki Pinkerton,  Author & Coach, Lifelines

Sue Bowe is a leadership alchemist committed to empowering mission-driven leaders toward more freedom and balance so they can step into their power naturally and create more meaningful success. Holding sustainable living and sustainable business as priority, Sue draws on expertise in neuro-linguistic programming, values-driven organizations, relationship systems, human consciousness models, and change management to create transformation in leaders, organizations and communities. Sue is a Board Certified Trainer of NLP, Hypnotherapy, Time Line Therapy® and NLP Coaching. She is also a Master NLP Coach, Master Hypnotherapist, and a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. Sue is an experienced trainer and facilitator in the Cultural Transformation Tools®, the Team Diagnostic® Program, and the Tribal Leadership and Transition Town Movement models. Sue’s corporate experience in marketing, sales, internal audit and innovation, her decade of coaching leaders to be their best, and her own personal resilience journey provide her with a unique experience base from which to train and lead leaders and communities toward a more sustainable and resilient future.
Board Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming, Hypnotherapy, and Time Line Therapy


  1. Sarid Layton says:

    Do you offer this as an unperson course – as a business leader/single mom I probably would never listen to the discs/dowloads but to take a day for myself would be more achievable.

    Please let me know

  2. Sue Bowe says:

    Thanks for asking Sarid! At this time I’m not offering this program in an in-person group format, however there are a couple of other options. You can buy this self-study course and book yourself off for a half-day of training, and work through the 3 modules back-to-back. It’s a very efficient way to digest the material, and highly flexible for your schedule. The other alternative is to book a private half-day session with me and we’ll customize and target it to your specific desired outcomes, as well as integrate some personal coaching. I’ll email you and we can talk. :)

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