Does your team or group need a boost?

Are you planning an event and looking for a motivational speaker?

Are you a networking group leader running out of content ideas for your group?

Whether you’re planning a monthly gathering of like-minded go-getters, or you’re in charge of making your team’s off-site a roaring success, Sue is a perfect addition to your training schedule or group program. She provides thought-provoking and interactive events that motivate, inspire and transform. When Sue is speaking at your event, you decide the degree of interactivity and the depth & length of the event.  Select from one of the topics below or ask about any topic on this site. It’s as easy as that.

Signature Talks & Motivational Group Events:

3 Secrets to Reclaiming Your Personal Power

speaking4We all want it, and yet we so often give it away.  In this interactive seminar we explore Personal Power – how to claim it and how to maintain it, so that you can be the best leader that you can be.  Participants will learn the secrets to sourcing: managing their energy so they avoid depletion, the works-every-time process for setting personal boundaries and maintaining them, and the path to getting your core needs met, so don’t have to rely on others to do so.  This event provides the critical leadership skill sets used by great leaders, to avoid being depleted, used and deprived.  It’s time to reclaim your power!

Practical Emotional Intelligence: How Being Emotional (not the way you think!) is a Secret Advantage

Are negative emotions ruling you? Most of us are walking around with unhealthy blocks that are hindering us from getting ahead but we don’t even know they’re there.  Sue will take the group through the top 5 emotional blind spots: how to recognize them and what to do about them.  She’ll teach you the 5-Step Healthy Emotional Strategies and show you how your emotions are one of the most powerful assets that you can use to get where you want to go.


Making Motivating Work: Finding Meaning in What you Do

Most people are unhappy at work according to Gallup. And all too often they resign themselves to a work life of boredom and negativity, not realizing they can DO something about it!  Sue will take the group through proven strategies for creating more meaning and motivation in your work, and ways to increase on-the-job satisfaction.  Because after all, life’s too short to be unhappy at work!

Time Mastery for Business Owners: How to Make Time for More of What Truly Matters 

Time is mysteriously in short-supply and an enemy that we do battle with each and every day.  Until we decide that enough is enough, and we make time work for us, helping us to do less and be more.  Sue will take concepts on balance and freedom and throw them on their head, so that participants leave with a new, more positive understanding of time… and a raft of practical, time-saving strategies that they can apply right away!speaking2

Drumming for Team Engagement

Whether you’re a group of 30 or 300, we can create a customized, experiential group session with genuine African drums for everyone to participate.  Strategic team and leadership concepts can be weaved into the session, depending on the event objectives. Read more…

Book Sue for a speaking event, workshop or lunch ‘n learn for your business or association. Or schedule Sue for a seminar or private tele-seminar for your local or virtual group. Just provide the venue and the group and Sue will do the rest, as a gift to the community. There are a limited number of spots for these complimentary events each month, so contact us as soon as possible to book yours in.

So go ahead, and get Sue in front of your group today


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