How to Create your Life Strategy for the New Year

How to Create your Life Strategy for the New Year

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It’s already December and it sure did sneak up on us quickly!  Within days, we’ll be into the holiday hustle, layering in more socializing, more shopping and more preparations into our already overloaded schedule. But life continues after the holidays! When will you build you 2017 life strategy?

It may seem like a strange question, but we create a strategy for almost everything else in our lives: our career, our business, our home renovations and moves, our children’s education… but what about a strategy for your happiness and fulfillment? For your learning and growth? For your relationships?

Here’s a Life Planning exercise you can go through in one evening or afternoon over the holidays, or sooner. I strongly suggest committing to a time with your partner and/or loved ones for this, to make sure you do it.

There’s a downloadable worksheet which you can grab here (no email required) to help you capture your ideas.

  1. Set your intentions and expectations for this process. You might decide to expect it to be lighthearted and fun, and that it fosters strong bonds and more alignment in your respective visions for the future. You can also set the stage for this activity – get some chart paper and markers, gather in a comfortable place (eg. around the fireplace), and maybe have a nice bottle of wine to share. What would make it an enjoyable tradition for you and have you look forward to it every year?
  2. Mine the current year for insights and learnings. First look at where you were on January 1st and what you experienced and learned through the year. What accomplishments are you proud of? What setbacks did you face and how did you respond to them?  How does this inform what you want to create in 2017?
  3. Revisit and re-dream your vision for your life. Spend some time imagining your dream life, and making any changes to it based on what you’ve gleaned from the past year. This is the place to get into your right brain space, assume anything is possible. Spend some time in quiet reflection and stillness, listening to the small voice within – your heart and soul. You may choose to solidify your vision with images and words as a vision board.
  4. Explore each area of your life to identify what you want to aim for in the coming year. Is it having something? Doing something? Or being something? Is your intention for a feeling or an experience or a tangible item? Consider every area of your life and ask yourself: “What do I want to create in this area of my life in 2017?”

That’s it!

Of course you can get much more detailed with strategies and action plans, but this is the high level direction for your year.

Be sure to take your analytical mind offline for a while in the process to really tune in to your heart’s wishes and your soul’s desires.

If you’d like some one-on-one help with you life strategy, please consider a session (or a few) with me to get more clarity and direction.

I’d love to hear what you’re planning for 2017. Leave a comment and let me know!

Until next time, be free… and wild,


Deliberate Focus on What you Want: The 1st Requisite for Change

Deliberate Focus on What you Want: The 1st Requisite for Change

Personal Growth

Do you know how many times a day we focus our attention on exactly the opposite of what we want?

We see our coworkers with colds and flu and we say “Oh I don’t want to get sick!” or we’re driving on the highway and the fuel light is on and all we can think about is coasting to a stop at the side of the road, stranded.  How often when you’re preparing for that big sales meeting or important presentation do you find yourself thinking about all the things that could go wrong, or just worrying about blowing it? We do this all the time and it’s undermining our ability to achieve our goals!

If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there.   -Lewis Carroll

The most important thing to do if you want to make a change or set a new direction is to get crystal clear on your goal and put all of your attention on the successful completion of that goal.  This is the first of the Three Requisites for Change.

To set a clear goal, use the SMART Goal checklist.

S – Make it Specific and Stretching

M – Make it Measurable and Meaningful

A – Make it Attainable and Actionable

R – Make it Relevant and Realistic

T – Make it Time-bound and Today

For example, “I have 10 new tier 1 clients on January 31, 2012”… notice the present tense.

Then feel what it will be like to have already achieved that goal.

Spend time with our goal, imagining what it will be like.  Put yourself in the place of having achieved it already and bask in the satisfaction.  Explore all the positive implications and consequences of having achieved the goal.  This can be a daily practice of mood-lifting daydreaming!

The more intense the positive feelings, the faster it is coming to you!          -Abraham-Hicks

Here’s the catch.  Our unconscious mind does not process a negative.  So when we think “I don’t want to mess this up!”, the unconscious mind hears “I want to mess this up.” When we think “Don’t miss that deadline.”, the unconscious mind hears “Miss that deadline.”  And when we think “I don’t want to lose my money in another crash!”, it hears “I want to lose my money…”.

The world is full of contrast, constantly showing us what we don’t want so we can get even clearer about what we do want.  Notice when you are struck with a thought about something you don’t want and convert it to a positive thought as quickly as possible.  This will take practice. For example, “I want to stay healthy.” “I will get that contract.” “I will ace this project!” “I want my money to be secure.”

Lastly, work with an NLP Coach to learn how to install your goal into your future TimeLine, to solidify the target for the unconscious mind!

Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe it can achieve.          -Napoleon Hill