We Believe
You are magnificently powerful,

even if you don’t know it yet.


You are born with the most incredible innate gifts to share with the world, if you’d just let yourself shine. You have a hard-wired resourcefulness that is trained out of you as you grow up, and needs to be re-activated. Your abandoned dream is longing to be re-born.

You are living in one of the most precious, most exciting times in history, when the opportunity to transform yourself has never been more important or more rewarding.

Nowadays, everybody seems to want to “change” or “save” the earth…
But perhaps the Earth is just fine…
Perhaps it’s each of us that needs to reach deeper inside
and free ourselves from the madness in Modern Life…
-Daniel “Whelland” Dowd


Wildfire Wisdom is holding a vision of a world where people live in balance within themselves, in balance with spirit, and in balance with the earth, and every soul is supported in their joyful expansion.  For this to happen we also need to live in harmony with each other, with the freedom to live from our truest, natural power – not power-over, but rather power-with.

It’s likely to be a rocky road before we all get there, so our mission is to empower high-performing business leaders who have large spheres of influence, with the skills and knowledge to thrive in the face of any challenge with joy, purpose and grace.

Freedom and balance, and even our survival, depends on our ability to become emotionally masterful and mentally agile.  Personal resilience, including skills like intuition, emotional intelligence, and authenticity, is the key to effective collaboration, innovation and conflict resolution.  And they just happen to be the keys to success as well!

There’s a new mindset growing that respects and protects nature and natural resources, and dares to create a new way of being that focuses on community, healing, and quality of life, rather than productivity, control and economic growth.

These turbulent times aren’t temporary; they’re the new normal.  The rate of change will keep increasing and our world systems won’t return to the old stable cycles.  This Great Unraveling is happening because our global financial, political and social systems rely on unsustainable factors: ever-increasing debt, cheap and abundant energy, and a planet-full of land, water, air and living things to absorb pollutants and toxins. And it’s up to each and every one of us to transform from the inside in the face of rapid change and uncertainty.


Our Core Values

Community – collaboration, synergy, connectedness, interdependence

Abundance – plenty for all, sharing & gifting, non-competitive

Resilience – resourcefulness, adaptability, self-sufficiency, localization

Earth-centred – stewarding the Earth and its resources, equality, humility

Courage – determination, steadfastness, daring, resourceful

Evolution – learning, continuous growth, challenge, expansion


This is the time to empower ourselves, by creating personal balance,
and freeing up time for what really matters.

It takes courage to forge a new path.
It takes courage to become who you really are.



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