Dear Brave One

I know you have a lot on the go.

You’ve weathered life’s traumas; you’ve set sights on the dream.

You’re juggling balls like a pro, managing work, family and personal pursuits.

But something’s amiss.

Your brilliant ways of coping with it all are showing some wear and tear.

You’re not as sure of yourself as you once were and those old recordings in your head are getting louder and affecting your focus.

Perhaps you’re losing steam, questioning your direction or purpose,

and the depth of your eyes – the window to your soul – reveals the question…

“Is this it? Where do I find joy in life now?”

For you’ve evolved on your journey, as conscious leaders do,

and the emotional pain from your past is now calling for true resolution so you can align with your emerging soul desires, and perhaps…

some new dreams are awakening in you too.

It’s taking all of your energy to stay on the current path.

And you realize…

That it’s time for a new approach to re-ignite that flame of the wildfire within.

Transcending Trauma

The sacred path for post traumatic growth and personal evolution

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Transcending Trauma


Create change at the unconscious level to improve emotional, mental and physical health

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Leadership Alchemy

Customized leadership coaching to transform your work and life

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Leadership Alchemy

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Renita Alejandra
Renita AlejandraHealth & Wellness Writer

Sue is incredibly soulful, intuitive, heart-centered and profoundly wise. She will not only clear the roadblocks in your life and facilitate meaningful, actionable change, but she will get you on the fastest path to your purpose-driven life and your highest potential.

Craig Williams
Craig WilliamsOwner, Williams Denim

The transformation I have gone through has been extraordinary! Issues that have plagued me for years are now gone and I struggle to even remember what they were! With Sue’s guidance and coaching, I have started my own business and have surpassed hurdles along the way by leaps and bounds. I’m on fire!

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One by one, in tiny increments,
candle by candle, gesture by effort,
wish by prayer, concern by care,
we feed the life-fires of the soul
and light the infinite universe,
little by little from within.
- Donna Henes