While you cannot change your past... you can change your perception of it... and your response to it

Are you ready to outgrow your past?

Dear Brave One

interconnections of awakening

I know you have a lot on the go.

You've weathered life's trials; you've set sights on the dream.

You're juggling balls like a pro, managing work, family and personal pursuits.

But something's amiss.

You're brilliant ways of coping with it all (and with the past) are showing some wear and tear.

You're not as sure of yourself as you once were and those old recordings in your head are getting louder and affecting your focus.

Perhaps you're losing steam, questioning your direction or purpose,

and the depth of your eyes - the window to your soul - reveals the question...

"Is this it? Where do I find joy in life now?"

For you've evolved on your journey, as conscious leaders do,

and the emotional pain from your past is begging for true resolution so you can align with your emerging soul desires, and perhaps...

Some new dreams are awakening in you too.

It's taking all of your energy to stay the current course.

And you realize...

it's time for you to heal your past and re-ignite that flame of the wildfire within.

wildfire wisdom spark to flame

Your Personal Evolution is a Conscious Choice

Healing and Growing through Emotional Wounds and Trauma is safe, rapid and effective when using the Unconscious Mind to address the root cause of the issue

Trauma Alchemy

We change the way the mind stores traumatic experiences so that you become empowered and whole once again.

Leadership Alchemy

Your potential and your positive impact in the world is limited by your emotional blocks. Gain the freedom to step into your best self.

Soul Alignment

We follow the clues of your life themes and your soul's calling to align with your soul purpose and to create more meaning in your life.

Emotional & Mental Wellness

Learning the skillsets of emotional mastery, mental agility and resilience is at the heart of a fulfilling life. 

What's Blocking your Trauma Healing?

Discover your top unconscious block to healing your trauma... and what to do about it.

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About Sue

Sue works with successful healers and leaders who are frustrated with operating at less than their potential. They know that emotional wounds and past trauma need to be resolved to get them unstuck and moving forward on their dreams. Sue guides them through a rapid, alchemical experience to address the root cause of the issue at the unconscious level so they can experience emotional freedom and have the impact they came here to make.

They Say

Craig Williams

Williams Denim

"The transformation I have gone through has been extraordinary! Issues that have plagued me for years are now gone and I struggle to even remember what they were! I’m on fire!"

Kristina Solheim

Get to the Art

" My sessions with Sue are one of my biggest sources of healing my past instead of just barreling forward ignoring the pain I've become accustomed to.."

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One by one, in tiny increments,
candle by candle, gesture by effort,
wish by prayer, concern by care,
we feed the life-fires of the soul
and light the infinite universe,
little by little from within.
- Donna Henes