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3 Reasons People Hate Change

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Our lives are constantly in flux. It may be a new job, a house move, a new grandchild, the start of school, gaining and losing weight, joining or leaving a group, or taking a course.  Some change is happening around us, but much of the change we experience is created, directly or indirectly by us.  There are only two reasons why we make a change: a) the benefit of the change is so large, it compels us forward, or b) the pain of the status quo becomes unbearable.  For most people, it’s usually the latter that triggers a change. Here are 3 reasons why we don’t change, even when we need to:

1.  Comfort

Your current situation may not be enjoyable or healthy, and is probably not getting you the results you want… but it’s comfortable.  And we all want to avoid feeling uncomfortable!

Myth Buster: Whenever you take action toward a big target that you want, it’s going to feel uncomfortable!  Your comfort is not a measure of whether or not you’re on track toward your goal!

2. Fear

For most, change represents the unknown and that’s scary! We’ve been conditioned to believe that uncertainty is bad and that any situation that is unpredictable will have a negative outcome.  What if you decided to expect the best in the face of uncertainty?  How would your life be different if you engaged with change in a way that had you not only following its natural rhythms but actually welcoming it?

Myth Buster: Change is constant so it’s easier to work with it, rather than fight it!

3. Motivation

It’s not compelling enough.  As we go through life, we tend to let go of desires and dreams that once captivated us.  We follow the “shoulds” of those around us, and succumb to choosing a path that is expected of us.  Somewhere along the way our dreams die and our deep desires fall away.  No one can resurrect your dreams but you!  No one can ignite your passions again but you!  It’s up to you to create a future vision that propels you forward to a better life, career, relationships, finances, and health.

Myth Buster: If you don’t like the way things are, it’s your job to change it! Craft a new vision for yourself to pull you forward to a brighter world!

The wisdom of “Change is Constant” is that new opportunities always follow endings.  Embracing and engaging with change means that we recognize the closures and the beginnings as a natural ebb and flow of life and we learn to move with them.

Ask yourself this: What is not working in my life right now that I need to change? What change is occurring that I am resisting?

I wonder what compelling outcome you can imagine that will allow you to move with the change and create that desired future?

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  • Very nice article and truly inspiring. I think we don’t want changes because we adore our “safety”. We fell safe receiving non-satisfying paycheck and we have fears of worst case scenario losing that paycheck, that “safe place”, so we can hide in ourselves and not experience the challenge in front of us. I remember one of my friends joke qoutation, I qoute “Why do we need to face the problem, we can just hide from it” Thank you for sharing this article with us. It was very nice to bring back memories.

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