5 Signs You’re a Conscious Leader

Conscious leaders are an important part of our society. They are the people who see their personal mission as making the world a better place, and our communities thrive because of them.  Interestingly, this role has nothing to do with formal titles or positions. Conscious leaders are not necessarily managers, chiefs or VPs.  The fact is everyone is a leader and has leadership capabilities within them.

Every person is a leader in their work, their family, their groups and in their life.

We are always leading something or someone, whether it’s a project, a team, or our own life.  The nature of your intentions and your efforts and the way you go about realizing your goals is what determines whether or not you are a conscious leader.

Here are the 5 signs you’re a conscious leader:

  1. You Walk the Talk.  You are aware of your deepest drivers of motivation: your values, beliefs and needs, and you honour those core drivers by taking action that is consistent with them.  Your choices, decisions, and words reflect your values and beliefs to those around you.  When you are aligned and congruent, your friends and colleagues will know your values simply by observing your behaviour.
  2. For the Common Good. Your efforts are focused on cooperation rather than competition. You see the win-win-win solutions and work to create more balance and harmony between people and between humanity and nature.  When you’re focused on the common good, you recognize that there is enough for everyone when the resources are distributed in a more balanced way.  You support initiatives that are for the good of all, rather than being only beneficial to the few.
  3. Capacity for Resilience. You operate with an underlying trust and empowerment that allows you to be at ease with uncertainty. You have explored a wide range of realistic scenarios for the future, both mentally and emotionally, so that you’re not easily ruffled by unexpected events.  You know how to manage your emotions so that in a crisis, you avoid being overcome by negative thoughts or feelings.  You have systematically grown your skills and resource base so that when the unexpected happens, you’ll tap into those stores to navigate uncertainty with joy, purpose and grace.
  4. The Rapport Factor. You are able to easily engage with anyone, building relationships and deepening trust.  You adapt your communication approach to match the preferred information processing style of the other person, which results in inspiring, compelling and persuasive conversations.  Conscious leaders use their advanced rapport skills to lead pioneering projects and motivate others to join in.
  5. Collaborative Networks. As a conscious leader, you build networks based on shared values and triad relationships.  Connecting people based on shared interests, missions and values, you recognize that your mission is too large to accomplish alone, and that the strongest teams and communities are based on the three-legged extended net.  The triad net, the strongest, most powerful human system, has virtually no hierarchy.

So, are you a conscious leader?  I bet you are, if you read this far.  Share your thoughts with me right here on the blog. Don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog too if you have one via the commentluv feature here on the site. And, give me a call if you’d like to get unstuck and increase your impact as a conscious leader!

Until next time, be resilient.