About Sue

Sue works with successful healers and leaders who are frustrated with operating at less than their potential. They know that emotional wounds and trauma need to be resolved to get them unstuck and moving forward with their dreams. Sue guides them through a rapid, alchemical experience to address the root cause of the issue at the mental, emotional and energetic levels, so they gain the freedom to make a bigger contribution in the world with purpose and ease.

Sue Bowe

On a mission to accelerate conscious leadership evolution

through personal growth, soul alignment and healing emotional wounds

A Conscious Evolutionary

Hello Brave Soul,

Thanks for your interest in knowing a bit more about me.

My passion is helping soulful healers and leaders like you evolve consciously. That means that you are awake to the cosmic role you are playing in this life, and you are actively engaging with your experience so that you heal from your past wounds and learn from your challenges in order to create more joy and abundance now and in the future.

There has never been a more potent time for change and transformation and I love helping brave souls like you create new paths to express themselves in more authentic and fulfilling ways, that also align with their unique soul’s plan.

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From Chemist to Alchemist

With a degree in chemistry and an MBA, I spent the early part of my life and much of my corporate career with a typical view of success. I was in many ways going through the motions of life, and succeeding in the common ways – career, family, money.

But I was empty inside and had no idea who I was.

When I woke up to my Self, it was like meeting a stranger.

I realized I’d been operating on auto-pilot for most of my adult life, the result of childhood sexual trauma.

Who am I? and… What do I want in life?

These questions and many more launched me into an exploration of human behaviour, neuroscience, metaphysics, healing arts and existentialism, that I continue to thrive in today.

What is the point of it all?!

To find out, I followed a new path…

I re-trained as a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach to support people like you in achieving their goals and dreams.

I earned credentials in Facilitation, Consulting and Advising to support teams and organizations to build high-performing cultures and values-driven leaders.

I certified as a Master Practitioner and Trainer in technologies of the unconscious mind and emotional wellness – Hypnotherapy,  Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)and TimeLine Therapy – to heal the wounds of the psyche that block success.

And I learned from the school of life about earth-based consciousness, spirituality and the metaphysical realms, supported heavily by intensive training in energy healing and in Core Shamanism.

Life is an opportunity to experience and to create.

And in order to do that, we must learn from, grow through and transcend our struggles, our traumas, our pain and our wounds.

I am a Leadership Alchemist and a Soul Tracker.

I facilitate emotional transformation within you that allows you to be a better healer and a better leader at work and in life, while tracking your soul’s path in this lifetime and beyond.

I can help you address, not just the symptoms of your issue, but the root cause  by making changes at the mental, emotional and energetic levels in your system.

If this resonates with you, I would love to schedule a chat.

I founded Wildfire Wisdom to accelerate personal evolution: the capacity to do the brave personal work needed to show up and lead others with authenticity, compassion, vulnerability, and with an unshakable commitment to one’s soul purpose.

I live and work at the Wildfire Wisdom Healing Homestead in the Haliburton Highlands, Ontario, Canada.

My full bio is available on LinkedIn (previously known as Sue McKee).

The Wildfire Wisdom Healing Homestead

At the core of the Wildfire Wisdom Healing Homestead is the quest for conscious evolution toward balance and wholeness within Self, with Other, with Nature, and with Spirit.

Our Healing Homestead focuses on two pillars: Healing and Self-Sufficient Living. The combination of, and the intersection of, these two pillars sets the intention to be in right relationship with ourselves, with those around us, with the earth, and with spirit.

We believe that humanity can and will learn to be a responsible partner and contributor in the web of life, and can experience the joy, fulfillment and pleasure of life in a way that that is beyond what we can imagine yet.

It all starts with a commitment to conscious evolution.

Here at the Wildfire Wisdom Healing Homestead, we are passionate about Healing in the form of shamanism, coaching, herbalism, nature medicine, alternative therapies and grief support. We’re passionate about Self-Sufficient Living in the form of homesteading, gardening, energy efficiency, and enviro-consciousness.

The scope of our work here includes mental, emotional and spiritual healing, self-sufficient lifestyles, grief and loss assistance, nature medicine, herbal medicine, gardening, spirituality, shamanism, energy healing, spiritual counsel, root cause revolution healing, and of course personal and professional growth on a conscious path.

The woodland setting of our Healing Homestead offers forest, rock, and river energies, as well as plant and food medicine, in which to immerse oneself on the evolutionary path of the conscious soul.

We aim to offer powerful soul food here, in all ways imaginable.

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