April 24, 2012

We live in a world that has lost touch with the wisdom and power of emotions.  Our children are told “Don’t cry.” We learn that anger is dangerous or that we’re bad if we’re angry.  Sadness and depression are rampant. And the level of fear has skyrocketed since 9/11. We are never taught how to express our frustration and anger in a healthy way, and we wonder why schools are filled with ‘anger management’ classes and prisons are filled with violent criminals. And so it is a reasonable question to ask; are you emotionally healthy?

We feel so ill-equipped to face our negative emotions that we self-medicate with alcohol, prescribed and illegal drugs, shopping, TV, gaming, and surfing the internet.  The problem is that these numbing tools also dull our positive emotions, and so we run the risk of becoming void of emotion whatsoever.  Our avoidance of emotions has reached epidemic proportions and is wreaking havoc with our leadership potential and physical health.

In fact, emotions are neither good nor bad, they just are.  And they exist as our guidance system.  There is wisdom in every emotion, for example, anger tells us that something must be protected, and fuels us to set boundaries.  All emotions must be expressed in a healthy way, and if they are not, they are repressed and either make a surprise appearance when we’re least expecting them, or eventually show up as dis-ease in the body.

Whole, connected human beings feel ALL emotions.  Take a moment to note all of the emotions that you feel regularly or that you recall feeling in the past year.

Anger Excitement Anxiety
Love Fear Gratitude
Sadness Compassion Guilt
Joy Guilt Hope

If you have some unchecked boxes, it’s possible that you have repressed these emotions and you’ll want to see me for an emotional balancing asap before they create challenges for you at work, at home, or with your health.

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