Are You Hiding Your Truth?

We human beings are notorious for skirting around the truth.  We are so concerned with ‘keeping the peace’ and wanting everyone to like us, that we completely give away our personal power by hiding our truth.

“I want to know if you can disappoint another to be true to yourself?” 

Oriah Mountain Dreamer, The Invitation

Because if we can’t live our truth then what are we living?  Someone else’s expectations.  Our own “shoulds”.  Society’s drone norms.

You are meant to live your truth.  In its highest form. Which will be constantly evolving as you expand.

When you live your truth, you must also speak it.  And that truth may not be popular. It may not be pretty or neat or easy to swallow.

But no one can argue with your truth.

How could they? They are not you.

And as long as you are coming from a caring and compassionate stance, your truth with set you – and those around you – free.

Sarah Bareilles sums it up best in Brave from her album The Blessed Unrest. If you are receiving this blog via email, please click here to access the video.

Say what you want to say and let the words fall out, honestly…

– Sarah Bareilles

Isn’t it time for you to speak up? …to stand up? …to step up for something you believe in?

My philosophy has always been to say it, with compassion, and without sugar.

Be compassionately blunt.

It works. It gets the job done and opens the door for new and uncharted territory in your conversations.

And here’s what I’ve noticed.  Your courage to speak your truth rubs off on others. When you speak honestly, they’ll reciprocate, and bam! a brand new depth of dialogue opens that wasn’t possible before.

So go ahead…

Show me how big your brave is.

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  • Very powerful message and video. Thank you Sue for sharing your wisdom. I’m going to keep that message with me as I squirm out of my comfort zone!

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