Leadership Blind Spots

We all have them… personal blind spots. The Blind Spots to True Nature Activation session is a private, 3-hour session with Sue that is proven to unearth the hidden root cause of the issue and produce a psychological activation for change.

It’s part of the human condition… the root of all problems lies in the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of life. Most often though, the true cause is concealed from our conscious awareness, so we need advanced techniques to reveal it.


Unearthing your Blind Spots


In this change-catalyzing session we uncover the complete structure of the issue the client would like to resolve. First, we drill down to define the problem clearly – it’s usually not what the client originally thought it was. The issues that the client arrives with are often the symptoms of the problem, not that actual problem.



Next, we identify the unconscious pattern that has been driving the unwanted results, and isolate the root cause of the problem, as well as the self-limiting programs and negative beliefs that are unconsciously running the show. The negative emotions, negative thought patterns and unhealthy strategies are uncovered so that the path to correct them is clear.



Additionally, we pinpoint the purpose of the offending pattern – the reason the programming was set up in the first place. Once we identify the purpose, we can ensure that the client’s core needs will be met in healthy ways after the offending pattern is interrupted.



We then take a look at how we will know that the problem is gone… the benchmark of success, so that we are clear on the metrics and outcomes as the change work progresses.



We finish with a powerful activation to jump start the inner transformation process and ensure that the client’s whole being is on board with the change. This step involves establishing permission at all levels of the client’s being and triggering the body’s innate wisdom to align with it’s healthy and true nature.



We’ll discuss options to accelerate the process of resolving the problem, now that we’ve collected everything needed to craft a custom program to address it at the root cause level.



My clients leave these sessions with a tremendous amount of new self-awareness, self-compassion and relief in understanding why they’ve been doing what they’ve been doing, despite their best efforts. They understand how they must change the way they get their needs met. And they experience excitement and anticipation about the initiation of resolving their issue for good. Clients have reported back to me that this session initiated a new phase of change, even if some time passes before we do any further change work together.


The Blind Spots to True Nature Activation is ideal for leaders, creators and change-makers who want take a powerful first step to completely resolve an issue at its deepest level. The issues are usually life-long problems that the client is aware of but has not been able to resolve until now. Regardless of their chosen next step, the change is activated.

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