four brightly colored doors to choose from

The Choice – Which Door?

There are certain times in life when we are faced with major choices that change the course of our lives significantly… when we choose to marry, or take a job overseas, or bring a baby into the world. And then there are times in life when we are faced with a major choice that affects …

orange chair in den homeostasis


“HOME WE’LL STAY 😘” During this unusual time of being required to stay at home, there’s a beautiful invitation being presented to us to discover and create a new, fulfilling equilibrium. It’s classic science from grade school… when a system experiences a disruption, it immediately seeks to create a new equilibrium. Homeostasis: The self-regulating tendency …

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Empowering Life After Trauma

The opportunity in life after trauma is to engage in intentional post traumatic growth while on the recovery journey. Personal growth using the power of the mind enhances the the healing and recovery work.

coping self versus true self

Coping Self vs True Self

There’s something about yourself that you may not realize. And it’s begging for attention. It’s the way you’ve been coping with life. As children we are extremely adaptable, and learn to improvise, stretch and adjust to our environment and those around us in order to get what we need and frankly, to survive. These coping …

Coaching Buyer Beware: Know What You Need

Coach shopping has become incredibly challenging. Many online and offline ‘coaches’ are actually trainers and mentors. And it’s important that you know the difference. Because coaching is not a regulated industry, anyone can hang a shingle on their office door or website and call themselves a coach. In fact, there are countless online coach training …

Prioritizing Personal Growth Goals

What if we prioritized personal growth goals as much as formal education? Our world, and your life, would be very different. Hateful attacks would be eliminated because people would look within themselves to find the source of their negativity and then heal those emotional wounds. Conflict and war would disappear because we wouldn’t have the …


How to get to the Root of the Problem

We all have issues, right? Who doesn’t? If you’ve been trying to move past an issue that’s bogging you down, and you’re trying to make changes, but they never stick, then this is for you. That issue that you’re wanting to address is almost certainly not the problem. It may not even be the issue, …


Grief Resources

Loss is inevitable in life. And it hurts. Yet our western culture doesn’t know how to handle grief, much less support someone in it. The grief journey is a shockingly disorienting experience for anyone, especially those experiencing it for the first time. If you or someone you know is mourning a loved one, my heart …

rebuilding after loss

Rebuilding After Loss

Endings and losses are inevitable in life. As much we dislike change, and do our best to create stability, it’s impossible to avoid endings. Sometimes endings are planned, sometimes there is some advanced notice, and other times they are completely unexpected. However, every ending is followed by a beginning. And with that beginning is an …

professional session

Which Professional do you Need?

It’s time. You’ve been working on that thing for so long and it’s just not budging. And now it may be getting in the way. It may be a mental block, a bad habit, a chronic immobilizing emotional state. Or perhaps you’re being consumed by old disturbing memories or you’re fretting so much about some …

the meaning of life

The Meaning of Life is Up to You

That sounds trite, I know, but I’m going to show you how you can empower yourself with this simple, yet profound tool. It’s a tool that you already have and use every day. And it has the power to change your life, or more specifically the way you understand your life. It’s your inner meaning-maker. …

plan to grow

What’s Your Growth Plan?

How intentional are you about your personal growth and professional growth plans? Most people put more effort into planning their vacations than they do their own personal growth and evolution. Yet vacations are fleeting, while investing in self development will reward you for a lifetime. Status check… We’re approaching the end of Q1 2019. It’s …

Everyone has mental health issues

Everyone has Mental Health Issues

Everyone has mental health issues; only the brave ones admit it and address it. Somehow our society has reserved the term mental health issue only for mentally-challenged folks or for severe psychological imbalances such as bipolar disorder.  Yet if you took a hard look at the mental state of the people around you all day …

forbidden anger forgiven

Forbidden Anger Forgiven

How could you?!? Choose to be here In this turmoil and despair WTF was I thinking? How dare you? I? Put me in this pain Heartache and wailing is not what I signed up for Is it? Seething and fuming Under the surface like a volcano Desiring to erupt Yet buried so deep I’m furious …

lessons from loss

Lessons From Loss

When someone we love dies, our world shatters. Although these situations fall into the common category of grief, each loss is unique, depending on the relationship to the deceased, the nature of the death, and many other circumstances. And every loss offers lessons, if we choose to accept them. I am mourning the loss of …

Netflix Travelers

Spiritual Meaning in Netflix Travelers

The spiritual meaning in the Travelers series is thought-provoking and powerful. At the time of this post I wasn’t able to find any reference to this on the web so I decided to share it myself. The Canadian-based Netflix series Travelers captivated me from the first episode. And while I love a good sci-fi drama …

winter pause and reflect

Pause and Reflect on Life

It seems to roll around every year at this time, although this year it’s significantly more poignant and meaningful for me, for a number of reasons. The days are shorter, the trees and plants have shed and are pulling their energy into their roots, and the temperature beckons us to stay under the covers a …

woman happy with personal power

5 Ways We Give Away Our Personal Power – Part 2

You are the only person who truly knows what you want. If you’ve chosen your profession because of your parents, or you’re deferring to your spouse about your vacation location, then you’ve given away your power. Knowing what you want and intentionally going after it, is empowering.