person with self-resiliency at the top of a mountain

Cultivating Personal Power and Agility to Evolve through Adversity When I was

intentional post traumatic growth on a map with an arrow this way

NOTE: If you haven't already seen it, you may want to read

antelope listening with huge ears

I am a trained listener and what I’ve noticed is that listening

It was not safe when the trauma happened, true. But that was

four brightly colored doors to choose from

There are certain times in life when we are faced with major

orange chair in den homeostasis

“HOME WE’LL STAY ????” During this unusual time of being required to

trauma growth mind dna recovery

Understanding TraumaTrauma is one of those topics that is for the most

coping self versus true self

There’s something about yourself that you may not realize. And it’s begging

Coach shopping has become incredibly challenging. Many online and offline ‘coaches’ are

spiral of stones representing personal growth

What if we prioritized personal growth goals as much as formal education?