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5 Ways We Give Away Our Personal Power – Part 2

You are the only person who truly knows what you want. If you’ve chosen your profession because of your parents, or you’re deferring to your spouse about your vacation location, then you’ve given away your power. Knowing what you want and intentionally going after it, is empowering.

Control your Destiny

The Trap of Trying to Control your Destiny

We all want to be in control; to know what’s coming down the pipe; to have certainty. We want to be the master of our destiny. But life’s not like that. And it can be crazy-making to try to hold on to control, when there’s a higher wisdom within us at play. More and more …

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8 Signs your Motivation is Unhealthy

In the Linkedin article Is your Motivation Hurting you? I shared two important types of motivation that are inconsistent, stressful and unhealthy, and the ideal balance of motivational drivers to have to accomplish your goals in a healthy, consistent and sustainable way. This is a quick check to see if your motivation is healthy or not. …

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How to Know if your Stuck

How do you know if you’re stuck? In our hyper-active, multi-tasking society, it can be difficult to find an accurate barometer for ‘stuck’.  What could be considered a slower pace today, might have been overdrive a generation ago. First let’s get clear on how NOT to know if you’re stuck. Don’t try to figure out …

extreme self care for the holidays

Extreme Self-Care for the Holidays

How to get your needs met so you can enjoy every moment Dear Brave One, You deserve to be relaxed, rested and fulfilled during the holidays, and it demands extreme self-care. Who’s job is it to get your needs met? Yes, it’s yours. Too often we have this unspoken expectation that others will know what …

Create your Life Strategy

How to Strategize your Life for the New Year

The end of the year is approaching.  Within days, we’ll be into the holiday hustle, layering in more socializing, more shopping and more preparations into our already overloaded schedule. But life continues after the holidays! When will you build you life strategy for the coming year? It may seem like a strange question, but we …

Life What's the Point

Life… What’s the Point?

There are lots of theories on why we exist, but only one of them excites me. “What’s the Point of Life” is a classic question, and one that deserves an answer from one existentialist to another.

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Invite Your Soul on to the Board

Whether you are a business leader or a business owner, there’s an important team member that needs an invitation to the board meetings of Me, Inc.  That wildcard who must have a seat at the table is your soul. It’s the difference between chasing fulfillment and realizing it, throughout your life. Imagine for a moment that …

leading from heart consciousness

5 Keys to Leading from Heart Consciousness

I believe that every person is a leader, regardless of title, rank or position. You are certainly a leader of your life, within your family, and among colleagues and peers, if not formally in your role at work. And there comes a time in a leader’s life when they must ask themselves, “Am I leading …

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How to Get Un-Stuck and Create Momentum

It’s inevitable, really. At some point everyone experiences being stuck. It may be that you’re unable to move forward on your dream, or are stuck on a particular project, or you might be totally stuck in life. Whatever the stuck-ness is that you’re experiencing, you can shift it now to create momentum towards what you want.

Joy, productivity and satisfaction through mindfulness

Mindfulness leads to Joy and Productivity

We are hard-pressed to find a leader, an entrepreneur, or an employee who doesn’t want to be more focused, more productive, and less stressed. We live in the most fast-paced, over-stimulated, multi-tasked time in history. And focus has never been so challenging! In fact, during 47% of our waking hours we are thinking about something …

Energy Intelligence

How is Your Energy Intelligence?

Everything in the universe is made up of energy. Your body, the chair you are sitting on, and the air you are breathing are all forms of energy.  Science has long been studying physical energy such as those in the diagram below, and yet there is another energy that isn’t as well understood… our own …

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My life is awesome… why am I not happy?

If you’re reading this line, then something struck a chord with that headline. Why aren’t you happy? There’s something amiss, and only the deepest part of you knows what it is. You’re living an amazing life. Career, family, home, social, travel… This is the stuff dreams are made of. It doesn’t get any better than …

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Which Fears are in Your Way?

Everyone has dragons to face. As a successful business owner, you’re no different. In fact, most of us have become quite adept at masking those dragons with compensating or offsetting habits, rather than facing them head on. But they are still there, those doubts and fears, in the deepest undercurrent of our being, and they are consuming valuable energy that would serve you much better if it were released.

finger pointing, blame, getting in your own way

Are You Getting in Your Own Way?

When we get caught up in the reasons and excuses about why we aren’t getting what we want in life and we start playing the blame-game, then our colleague or coach will remind us that whenever we point our finger at someone or something, there are always 3 other fingers pointing back at us!

planning results and values

Are You Leading From Your Values?

As a business owner, when do you get a performance review? It may sound like a strange question, but it’s worth considering.  In the entrepreneurial world, we don’t have a supervisor who will give us regular feedback on our performance. What do you use to monitor your leadership performance? Which business metrics will have you …