Do I Have a Life That’s Good?

Fall is a wonderful time to reflect on things. Back-to-School feels like a new year, and the Equinox asks us to honour the balance of light and dark in the world. So while the plants are pulling their energy down into their roots for a regenerative winter, I like to express gratitude for everything that contributes to a life that’s good.

12 Surefire Signs You’re On the Path to Burnout

There’s an epidemic in our society that is stripping the joy and fun out of life, and often we can’t even see that it’s happening. It’s called burnout, and you might be a victim of this insidious ailment that has afflicted so many. Below are 10 sure-fire signs that you’re on the path to burnout (even if you don’t know it yet).

The 3 Beliefs to Master Change

Have you ever felt like you’re between a rock and a hard place? Like you don’t have any options and you’re stuck? We can feel frustrated and powerless in the place. And my suggestion to you is that there are ALWAYS options when you have the 3 beliefs to master change.

Change Scares Me. I Hate Change.

For most people change sucks. It’s unnerving and uncomfortable. It forces us to face, and engage with, the unknown. It’s unpredictable and leaves us uncertain about the future. Change can have us feeling worried, anxious and even panicked, because we don’t know what’s going to happen next. And feeling all of that is just no fun.

The 3 Causes of our Anger Management Epidemic

Most of us we’re raised to ignore or suppress our natural anger because we were told that “Good girls don’t get angry.” And “Angry boys are mean.” You may also hold a limiting belief that ‘anger is dangerous’ because you experienced violence with anger growing up. The possible beliefs about anger that are no longer serving you are endless.

The 3 Secrets to Positive Thinking

Choose your thoughts using your emotions. Use your emotional guidance system to tell you when to change your thinking. If it feels bad, let the thought go. If it feels good, focus on it. Daydream about what you want, as often as you can, so that your positive emotions will drive your behavior toward what you want.

Are You Hiding Your Truth?

Because if we can’t live our truth then what are we living? Someone else’s expectations. Our own “shoulds”. Society’s drone norms.

You are meant to live your truth. In its highest form. Which will be constantly evolving as you expand.

Our Most Powerful Hidden Asset – The Unconscious Mind

That’s because unconscious patterns are locked in with deep unconscious programming, which is easily changed with the right tools. Our breakthrough systems, clean sweep sessions, and training programs are the fastest tools on the planet to rewire limiting beliefs, re-align personal values, and shift core behaviour programming so that you immediately begin getting different (and desired!) results.

woman with hand hiding her mouth and emotions

How Well do you Share Your Emotions?

Healthy emotional strategies are simply not understood and not taught to us as we are growing up, so we see all manner of emotional blind spots that are holding us back as adults. In addition, all of this repressed emotional energy has to go somewhere, and when it isn’t expressed in healthy natural ways, it shows up as dis-ease in the body; chronic pain and other ailments are the result of bottled up emotion. So…

5 Ways to Know that You Don’t Need a Coach

Time and again I see people who have settled in to their comfort zone, and settled for less than they really want in life. And they’re struggling to change, and never really getting anywhere. For those people, the 5 points above are not even on their radar as possibilities.

Why Stay in Your Comfort Zone Where You’re Being Less?

There’s adventure and excitement outside our comfort zone. There’s aliveness and zest when we dare to do it differently. There’s confidence and empowerment when we do it and fail and do it again! And there’s limitless abundance, prosperity, and well-being when we step past our perceived limits to reach closer to our real limits.

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3 Principles to Help Increase Your Bouncebackability

Yes, it seems that the world is going to hell in a hand basket. And – we don’t have to go crazy along with it! With change occurring faster around us, and the frequency and intensity of unexpected events increasing, we’ve never before needed to be able to bounce back more quickly than we do now. So, here are the 3 principles of bouncebackability to get you on your feet faster after a setback:

What in the World is Resilience?

’ve been talking about resilience for a few years now because I’m pretty passionate about it. In fact, I believe it’s the single most important leadership competency that you can develop in this day and age of unprecedented change and unpredictability. But, what in the world is resilience?

2 Useless Emotions

In fact, these emotions are so insidious that they can be crippling to us if we let them run wild in our imaginations and in our bodies. They reduce our productivity and impact, distract our mental focus, and can keep us in a state of inertia.

Can you guess what they are?

5 Signs You’re a Conscious Leader

We are always leading something or someone, whether it’s a project, a team, or our own life. The nature of your intentions and your efforts and the way you go about realizing your goals is what determines whether or not you are a conscious leader.

Here are the 5 signs you’re a conscious leader:

What is Neuroleadership?

Understanding how the brain works to produce results, the principles of neuroleadership ensure desired outcomes are achieved. Neuroleaders make decisions quickly because it takes 10x more energy to sit on the fence and “decide not to decide”. Leaders calibrate on specific negative and positive emotions in order to decide to go for it. In neuroleadership, leaders are relentless in their focus on what they want, because they know that focusing their 90,000 thoughts a day produces results. They commit to a goal by taking action, meaning they invest time, money and energy. And last but not least, in neuroleadership leaders know that failure equals learning and they celebrate a setback, then refocus on the goal and choose to do it differently. They do this by installing a recovery strategy at the unconscious level that allows them to bounce back quickly, an critical resilience trait in these unpredictable times.

Anger: The Double-Edged Sword

Common myths about anger include: “You’re a ‘good’ person if you don’t get angry.” and “Anger is dangerous or scary.” Unfortunately few of us had good role models when it came to anger. We either saw the people in our lives suppressing their anger or they used anger to intimidate or they completely lost control in anger. None of these is a healthy way to use anger.

Are you Emotionally Healthy?

We feel so ill-equipped to face our negative emotions that we self-medicate with alcohol, prescribed and illegal drugs, shopping, TV, gaming, and surfing the internet. The problem is that these numbing tools also dull our positive emotions, and so we run the risk of becoming void of emotion whatsoever. Our avoidance of emotions has reached epidemic proportions and is wreaking havoc with our physical health.

Taking Action is Necessary to Create Change

All too often we get swept up in the daydreaming and envisioning of our big goals and then either become overwhelmed at the enormity of the gap between where are now and where we want to be, or… we simply get caught up in the daily busyness and never get around to actioning that next step! And so, taking action is the 3rd requisite of change, after Focusing on What You Want and Clearing out the Unresolved Past. Once we’re clear on what we want and are focusing on it, and our old limiting beliefs and inner conflicts are eliminated, there’s nothing left to do except put one foot in front of the other to move toward our goal. And yet, sometimes we don’t.