Challenge Yourself – Stretch Past the Discomfort

If the opportunity is in front of you, then you ARE ready! It’s time to stretch and take a chance. Risk the discomfort of the new and the unknown. Because here’s the kicker… the degree of discomfort is directly proportional to the amount of change you’re about to make and to the degree of satisfaction you’re about to enjoy!

Make a Decision Now

3 Reasons People Hate Change

There are only two reasons why we make a change: a) the benefit of the change is so large, it compels us forward, or b) the pain of the status quo becomes unbearable. For most people, it’s usually the latter that triggers a change. Here are 3 reasons why we don’t change, even when we need to:

15 Ways Hypnosis Accelerates Change

I’ve been asked a lot lately, “What’s so great about hypnosis?” so I thought I’d provide our readers some of the incredible results of hypnosis. In Canada, hypnosis has only been in the mainstream for a little over a decade and as a result, its benefits are not yet well understood.  In its simplest form, …

Resolving the Past for Emotional Healing

Have you ever noticed how the tiniest little thing will sometimes cause you to overreact? Or have you ever become aware of a belief that you’ve held since childhood, that is not serving your highest good?  These are examples of unresolved past issues that are conflicting with your ability to become and achieve all that …


Into the fog searching for reality, real-ness the real me The quest that is life to learn and grow with the world can’t help nudging me on beckoning me into unknown territory And then out of the woods I emerge having shed my snakeskin once again ready to begin anew with fresh eyes and an …