Challenge Yourself – Stretch Past the Discomfort

I’m a bit of an astrology nut and like to know what’s going on in the stars and constellations as it tends to inform the themes and trends of what we’re collectively experiencing from week to week.  This time right now is one of looking good and hard around you to decide if you have all that you need, and if not, then cranking up another engine to give you a boost towards creating something more positive. And this might not be easy if you aren’t prepared to challenge yourself and stretch out of your comfort zone.

The universe is going to show you the way to the things you want and desire, but you, with individual will, has to make the decision about whether or not to pursue the opportunities presented to you.  It’s incredible how many times people have exactly what they want within arm’s reach and pass it by because it might make them feel ‘uncomfortable’ or because they might have to step into something new.

If the opportunity is in front of you, then you ARE ready!  It’s time to stretch and take a chance.  Risk the discomfort of the new and the unknown.  Because here’s the kicker… the degree of discomfort is directly proportional to the amount of change you’re about to make and to the degree of satisfaction you’re about to enjoy!

Avoid settling. Stop pushing those dreams aside. Now is the time to step out of your comfort zone as the stars are cooperating with you!  And there’s lots of support around you if you need it!  Go for it!!

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