Resolving the Past for Emotional Healing

Have you ever noticed how the tiniest little thing will sometimes cause you to overreact? Or have you ever become aware of a belief that you’ve held since childhood, that is not serving your highest good?  These are examples of unresolved past issues that are conflicting with your ability to become and achieve all that you want. Often these issues are signs that what is required is healing developmental trauma and childhood trauma.

Unresolved Emotions

As discussed in What You Focus On Expands, we first have to get clear about what it is that we want, in order to successfully create change. Negative emotions have a purpose – they are telling us that something needs our attention.  In the present moment this is very useful.

When I notice that I’m feeling irritated, or mad, this feeling is a signal to me that proper boundaries need to be maintained or rebuilt.

When we feel anger, we need to ask ourselves, “What must be protected or restored?”.

Often, though, we can feel a strong negative emotion that is unwarranted or inappropriate for the situation.  In this case, we’re being triggered by unresolved emotions from the past.

The Emotional Healing Process

The Unconscious Mind holds on to emotions from past events because there’s still something to learn that wasn’t learned at the time.  This is our emotional baggage… every time we didn’t get the message or the learning from the emotion, the unresolved emotion went into our bag that we carry around with us day in and day out. We also carry limiting beliefs in our baggage.  Like “I can’t _________ (you fill in the blank). When did you decide to believe that?

Remember the time when your mean older sister told you at age 6 that you couldn’t sing and so you decided to believe that and never uttered another note again!  These limiting beliefs are also stored in the Unconscious Mind and directly affect our behaviour and of course our results.

The Unconscious Mind will gladly release the limiting beliefs and the unresolved emotions when we go back to get the learning from these past events. But guess what?! You don’t need to wallow in the emotion of that past event to process the learning!  In fact, when we use hypnotherapy techniques to remove past negative emotions and limiting beliefs, the experience is essentially content-free.  And it’s fast.

We can release the big negative emotions, such as shame, fear, anger, sadness and guilt as well as the limiting beliefs uncovered in the span of a few hours.  This clearing is critical to free yourself from the pain of the past, since your perspective of the past changes and instead of reacting unconsciously to the past, you are then empowered by it.

Without removing limiting beliefs and unresolved negative emotions from the past, we are hindering our ability to progress and create the changes that we want.