Get Unstuck

Release Emotional Baggage

Make a Big Decision

Heal Past Trauma

Refine Dreams and Goals

Access your Intuition

Clarify Next Steps

Know your Purpose

Reboot your Life

The Root of the Issue

We all have stories, and blocks, and hidden obstacles to the success and happiness we’re seeking. It usually takes an objective view to see what’s really getting in the way, and powerful tools to alchemize the inner change you need to move through it. And then accountability in taking new action.

It’s the basic human condition: the root of our problems lies in the mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions. The symptoms of the problem that we experience in the physical world are the external manifestation of the root causes. My work dives under the symptoms to find the root. I’ve spent years building proficiency across the mind-body-spirit realms and have multiple tools to address the issue in each area.

The Tools of Alchemy

In each alchemy session, I use a combination of tools based on what will best address the issue. My toolkit includes energy healing, life coaching, shamanic techniques, business coaching, TimeLine Therapy, NLP, hypnotherapy, nature medicine, wilderness tracking, relationship coaching and more.

This alchemy recognizes that there is always a root cause beneath the symptoms that you’re experiencing and aims to create change at the root.  The cause may be from this lifetime or others, but we know that since it’s coming up now, then now is the time for it to be healed.

In each session, you will leave with greater understanding of your life, greater compassion for yourself and more wholeness in your being.

The Right Time for this Work

Clients come to me when they’re stuck or stalled, having trouble making a big decision, not sure what they really want, feeling unhappy or disconnected and not sure why, or their thoughts or emotions are getting in the way of their progress. Often these issues have been building for months or years. If you’re ready for change and you’re ready now, then it’s the right time now.

Every one of my clients is unique, as is the healing work we do together. The work is always provided in a safe energetic space and is strictly confidential.

al·che·my  /ˈalkəmē/  noun :  a power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or extraordinary way

Check in with your gut and see what it’s saying about embarking on this work. If you’d like to know more, please request a consultation.

The Way we Roll

It all starts with an exploratory consultation where I find out what you would like to address, change or transform.

Before we work together, I connect with my guidance to find out what techniques or methods would best serve you at this time, and what format, frequency or number of sessions are suggested. It may be one session at a time, or it may be a series of sessions, or a longer immersion session in a retreat setting. I then share this suggested approach with you so you can decide how you’d like to proceed and we can schedule our time to work together.

I offer a Pay What You Want exchange for single sessions. Ask me about it. My services are offered by phone and skype, as well as in-person retreat sessions at the Wildfire Wisdom Healing Homestead in the Minden, Ontario area.

Interested? Let’s Talk

May we know the wildness and the wisdom that is our birthright. There is a wildness in us that is not content with small changes, half-measures, muted joys or polite tears.
- Oriah Mountain Dreamer