Wildfire Wisdom Code of Ethics

When providing isolated services of Coaching, Hypnotherapy or Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), we adhere to the respective self-regulating agency’s Code of Ethics, as follows:

The International Coach Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics

The American Board of Hypnotherapy-American Board of NLP (ABH-ABNLP) Code of Professional Ethics

Our work is almost always an integration of modalities, including Coaching, Alternative Therapies, Shamanic Practices, and Energy Healing, so we have our own Code of Ethics as follows.

Wildfire Wisdom Code of Ethics

Truth: All our communication is sincere and true, including all marketing, sales and testimonial information. Honesty, authenticity and transparency are core values of ours.

Confidentiality: Not only is our client information held in the strictest confidence, we take our confidentiality policy one step further. We will not acknowledge our clients or past clients in public if the client does not acknowledge us first. Most clients are excited to share their experiences and results from Wildfire Wisdom with others, but for the few who prefer privacy, we honour this confidentiality rule across the board.

Confidentiality Exceptions: Our confidentiality policy will not apply if there is a likely risk of a client harming self or others, or if disclosure is forced by law.

Permission to Share: We may on occasion share a client’s testimonial about their experiences in working with us or share client progress or results to a third-party stakeholder if and only if we have the client’s written consent to do so.

Purchase Clarity: We will ensure that our clients understand the service before they purchase by providing clarity on the nature, the purpose, the duration and the cost of the services in our service agreement.

Fit to Serve: If at any time we are not in full health mentally or emotionally, we will cease to work with clients and seek the appropriate professional help. Sue’s sabbatical in the winter of 2018-2019 is an example of this, where healing work was needed to recover from her son’s death and some childhood trauma.

Conflict of Interest: We will disclose any conflict of interest or potential conflict of interest with a client as soon as we become aware of it.

Professional Relationship: We will neither engage in intimate / sexual relations with our clients, nor will we support co-dependence or dependence with our clients. We strive for professional inter-dependence in all client relationships.

Exit: Either Wildfire Wisdom or a client may terminate the service at any time. Any outstanding payments will still be required, unless otherwise arranged.

Referring Out: If at any time we feel a client may be better served by someone else, or if we feel that we are simply not a good fit for a client, we will end the service (if it has already started) and recommend another professional.

Credit: Any material, information or collateral that is not original to Wildfire Wisdom will be credited to the original creator, wherever possible.