September 19, 2019

coping self versus true self

There’s something about yourself that you may not realize. And it’s begging for attention. It's the way you've been coping with life.

As children we are extremely adaptable, and learn to improvise, stretch and adjust to our environment and those around us in order to get what we need and frankly, to survive. These coping strategies were crucial to our growth, but in adulthood, have overstayed their welcome and become a problem.

Your Coping Self is keeping your True Self from being expressed.

Here's why...

It’s almost a guarantee that your Coping Self’s strategies are causing problems for you now – they’re trying to get your core needs met using wildly unhealthy and inefficient methods. The Coping Self was meant to be short-term, to get you through the difficult time. It’s not been appropriate since your life changed, since you changed.

As an adult you’re far more resourceful and skilled than you were when these coping strategies were formed. They’re obsolete but they keep on running until you dig in and ferret them out.

These coping strategies are holding you back from being your True Self, truly fulfilled and truly successful on your terms.

When you are able to see your Coping Self for what it is – a brave child trying desperately to get it’s needs met – you can find the gratitude for it’s efforts in the past and then release and replace those coping strategies with healthy success strategies.

What coping strategies have you become aware of? And are you ready to upgrade them so you can feel more aliveness and vitality? Leave a comment below and let me know. I’d love to hear.

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