Do Others Rely on You to Be Calm and Strong in these Extraordinary Times?

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A guided journey blending visualization, hypnotherapy, energy healing, energetic transmission, healing meditation, and transformational alchemy

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to Navigate Uncertainty and Lead with Grace and Resilience

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Losing your balance during this turmoil?

Feeling the weight of the global emotional load?

Struggling to find meaning in the chaos?

Is your past trauma being triggered?

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The Eye of the Storm Experience:

 How to be Calm When our World is in Turmoil

There's plenty of fear, anxiety, anger, overwhelm and dread right now, and it's unhealthy to get stuck in it. Yet, Helping Professionals like you are immersed in these intense emotions through your work. It's important to tend to your inner realm, learn from the uncomfortable emotions arising, and flow into deeper reserves of calm, clarity and resilience.

From a place of CALM


is possible

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Here's How it Works

The Eye of the Storm Experience

  • The portal contains recordings of live Eye of the Storm calls, as well as materials on emotional resilience. Each Eye of the Storm experience is delivered live on an audio-only group call and the recordings are available in the portal to listen to whenever and as often as you like. Each call is a transmission only, no discussion, much like a healing meditation class. 
  • There will be a series of calls and there's no pre-set schedule. You'll be invited by email, and if you can't attend live, the recording will be in the portal. Attend live for maximum potency. ;)
  • Feeling into the collective experience and the needs of the portal members, I'll determine when to offer each Eye of the Storm experience, likely every 5 to 10 days. Watch for the email invites.
  • You can access the live calls by phone or internet, from a comfortable place of your choosing. And you can access all the resources in the portal at any time.

Let your intuition guide you

Let's jump into the eye of the storm and calm the chaos together

Do this for yourself and for those you serve

Dear Brave One,

I feel you. I'm in it with you. We're surrounded by an unprecedented collective emotional intensity right now. What we CAN address at the emotional level is OUR OWN skills, responses, and healing. And from there, we can better serve others.

I've spent decades developing expertise in personal transformation, trauma healing, metaphysics, and emotional intelligence. I want to help as our world struggles with the shock, overwhelm and uncertainty of these turbulent times.

My intention is to help you ride this wild adventure, AND be at your best to support others, with a little more ease and comfort. We can do this. Especially when we help each other.

Whether you join us or not, I know that you have the strength, the courage, and the resourcefulness within you to thrive through this. Because on a soul level, you chose to be here at this time.

Blessings and big love,

Sue Bowe

Leadership Alchemist and Trauma Expert

Wildfire Wisdom


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...and a reserved spot for upcoming LIVE Eye of the Storm guided experience calls

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