February 28, 2019

forbidden anger forgiven

How could you?!?

Choose to be here

In this turmoil and despair

WTF was I thinking?

How dare you? I?

Put me in this pain

Heartache and wailing is not what I signed up for

Is it?

Seething and fuming

Under the surface like a volcano

Desiring to erupt

Yet buried so deep

I’m furious because I love you

I’m mad because I miss you

I hate what you did

And how it feels now

It’s no use trying to disguise

The burning

Simmers with searing, scrapping claws

Ready to rip my hair out

Anger forbidden

Toward self,

Toward loves

Toward the dead and gone

Reveals itself as tears,

Safe, sobbing tears, are allowed

Fists and shouts are not


They know what you’re hiding

And so does your heart

Ready to hold you

In release

They’ve been waiting for me

I’ve been waiting

To let it all out

Why was I waiting?

Forgiveness asked for

And given

Of course

Anger celebrated

And welcomed

Of course

Copyright 2018 Sue Bowe and Wildfire Wisdom

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