March 20, 2019

plan to grow

How intentional are you about your personal growth and professional growth plans?

Most people put more effort into planning their vacations than they do their own personal growth and evolution. Yet vacations are fleeting, while investing in self development will reward you for a lifetime.

Status check…

We’re approaching the end of Q1.
It’s the Spring Equinox (autumn for those in the southern hemisphere).
22% of the year is complete.
Time to check in on your annual goals.

How are you doing on your annual growth and development plan?

If you don’t have one, or it needs a revisit, here are some things to consider in order to create your growth plan for the remainder of the year.

What, specifically would you like to improve or develop within yourself this year?


  • Mental health eg. anxiety attacks, stress, worry, overwhelm, depressed
  • Emotional health eg. post trauma, rage, grief, fear, old wounds
  • Physical health eg nutrition, sleep, exercise
  • Spiritual health eg values, beliefs, fulfillment, meaning
  • Unhealthy behaviours  eg self-medicating, substance abuse, self-sabotage
  • Leadership competencies eg. emotional intelligence, managing change
  • New skills eg. public speaking, conflict engagement, personal investing
  • Industry specific skills

What resources and tools will you use to accomplish this?


  • Professional Training, group or individual
  • Professional Support & Healing eg. counselor, coach, healer, therapist
  • Motivational, Healing and Educational Books
  • Self-study Programs
  • Conferences, Retreats and Events

When will you work on each target area?

Phase out your growth initiatives through the year, depending on their duration and frequency so that you’re not trying to do all of them at once.

Then allocate the times in your calendar.

Doesn’t it just make sense to plan our own personal and professional growth with as much effort and passion as we would our travel plans, our savings plans, or our retirement plans?

I believe our main purpose in life is to grow, learn and expand our consciousness.

If you’re having difficulty getting clear on your priorities, resources or scheduling, enlist the help of a supportive colleague, mentor, spouse or professional like myself.

Taking charge of your personal evolution is key to making the most out of life and creating true fulfillment.

What are your growth plans this year? Leave a comment. I’d love to hear.

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