May 6, 2020

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During this unusual time of being required to stay at home, there’s a beautiful invitation being presented to us to discover and create a new, fulfilling equilibrium.

It’s classic science from grade school… when a system experiences a disruption, it immediately seeks to create a new equilibrium.

Homeostasis: The self-regulating tendency to maintain stability to compensate for changes in the external environment

We are in the process of Homeostasis

It’s human nature… homeostasis. We desire stability.  Even if we’ve become very familiar and adept at change, we still desire stability.

But to get to stability after a disruption, we must change.

We must adapt, transform and rebound.

Everyone is facing radical change in their environment. The opportunity is not to re-create our old familiar world within our homes, but rather to re-evaluate what we need and what’s important now, and then adapt and transform to create a new stability that we crave.

Three Aspects of Personal Homeostasis

Create a new stability within ourselves.

Create a new stability within our homes.

Create a new stability in our communities and the world once lockdown is lifted. Until then, we can do the dreaming and planning for this.

The Meaning of Stability

Stability is often assumed to mean static, that is, not moving, staying the same, or stationary. But that’s not the case at all. To be stable is to be in equilibrium. Stability means that a harmony or balance has been achieved, but that doesn’t mean things are not moving or changing. Usually there’s a subtle rhythm to stability, where two polarities such as work and rest are balancing off against one another.

If you stand up straight and try to remain completely still, you’ll soon realize that there’s a subtle sway in your body, that your weight is shifting ever so slightly ALL THE TIME to maintain your stability.

Micro-adjustments are occurring constantly to maintain stability.

As it is in our lives too.

How to create Homeostasis

Within Yourself:

Get inside yourself and understand your needs, your wounds, what’s truly important to you (your values), and your purpose. Engage with your emotions – all of them – and learn about yourself from them. Re-assess your work, your service, your relationships, and the life you’ve created. What’s fulfilling about them? What’s not and needs to change? Heal your past and re-imagine your future. Forgive yourself and learn to love yourself fully.

Within Your Home:

Explore your relationship with your home, your property, your possessions and get clear on their meaning to you. Understand how this space you call home supports you. And how it doesn’t. What have you neglected in your home? And are you willing to tend to it now? Determine what needs to change in order for your home to be an authentic representation of you, and for it to be a supportive sanctuary for you to recharge, love, play, learn and expand.

Within Your Community:

Take a deep look at your relationship to your community at large. Who are the people, groups, places that have meaning for you? Check in with how much time you spent in your community before the lockdown and if you want that to change when things open up again. Is there a new way you want to interact with your neighbours and local businesses when you get back out there? Feel into what’s important to you about your community now, and what you want to do about that.

The fact is that disruptions will always occur, and we will always be in a state of homeostasis in response, whether we are aware of it or not.

This is an uncertain time, with much loss and stress, especially on the front lines.

And it is also a transformative time, where we are being given the opportunity to create more nourishing stability and equilibrium in our lives.

May you have the spaciousness and the fortitude to deliberately create it.

Blessings to you,


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