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How Well do you Share Your Emotions?

How well do you share your emotions? When the end of your life is near and you are on your deathbed, will you have regrets?

Bronnie Ware wrote a book about what she learned from being a palliative care nurse for years called “Top Five Regrets of the Dying”, and one of those regrets struck a chord with me…

I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings

Because I see clients every week who have shunned, ignored and repressed their emotions, to the point where they are not expressing themselves truly or fully in the world.

Our society doesn’t like emotion. We teach our children to ‘buck up’ and ‘don’t cry’.  It’s considered inappropriate to show anger at work, even when it’s justified.  It’s not acceptable to be afraid, and we are all expected to feel guilty all the time.

Women who show too little emotion are “bitches” and the ladies who express too much emotion are labelled as “too emotional”.  Men are taught not to show fear or sadness at all, and only moderate amounts of anger are allowed.

Healthy emotional strategies are simply not understood and not taught to us as we are growing up, so we see all manner of emotional blind spots that are holding us back as adults. In addition, all of this repressed emotional energy has to go somewhere, and when it isn’t expressed in healthy natural ways, it shows up as dis-ease in the body; chronic pain and other ailments are the result of bottled up emotion. So…

I challenge you to tell someone how you really feel. Today.

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