October 6, 2016

soul. boardroom. now.

Whether you are a business leader or a business owner, there’s an important team member that needs an invitation to the board meetings of Me, Inc.  That wildcard who must have a seat at the table is your soul. It’s the difference between chasing fulfillment and realizing it, throughout your life.

Imagine for a moment that an aspect of you had a grand plan for your life before you were born. There was a desire to have certain experiences and grow as a person in specific ways.  We might call this your soul theme. And you, whether you’re consciously aware of it or not, created it and are now living it out.

Of course there’s free will
and chance, choices and serendipity, but deep down,
your soul is on a mission.

For one person, their soul theme might be about confidence and empowerment, for another it could be compassion or forgiveness, and for still another, a soul theme could be about power and authority.

It’s useful to know your soul theme, because you’ll be working layers of it all your life.  You will be experiencing the opposite of it first, each time you transform and grow into a new version of that theme.  In fact, your soul is relishing in the process every time you work yourself through another layer… whoop!!  Unfortunately, it doesn’t feel very good while you’re in it and just before you break through. But on the other side? Glorious!  And then life goes on and encounter the next edge of the theme to work through.

In our career and business planning, it behooves us to have our soul at the boardroom table.

Here are some of the questions you might like to engage your soul-level-deeper-knowing about:

  1. What is the pattern of the challenges that have been running in my work life?
  2. How is this affecting me personally?
  3. What is it that I really want instead?
  4. How can I create what I want and still have the satisfaction of progressing on my soul theme work?

It’s always easier to have these discussions with someone else, whether that is with a loved one, friend or a professional. When looking for answers from the soul, it helps to find a quiet place where you can really tune in to your body, your emotions, and your memories. The wisdom is all there within you.

Ultimately your happiness and satisfaction depend on getting your soul’s input as you move forward. So go ahead, call a board meeting for Me, Inc. and give your soul a seat at the table.

Until next time,


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