Wildfire Wisdom Manifesto

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When we look at a person’s behaviour in relation to their emotional pain, there’s a direct correlation between the degree of pain and the dysfunction of the behaviour. Put another way, harmful actions are driven by emotional wounds.

If every soul were brave enough to heal their emotional wounds and trauma, the world’s problems would be solved.

At Wildfire Wisdom, we guide Brave Ones who are willing to step up and do the work to become healthier, stronger, more fulfilled versions of themselves. 

We Believe in Courageous Healing

Wildfire Wisdom is unique because we support successful helping and healing professionals like you on your healing journey from being blocked by blind spots to expanding your positive impact in the world. Your path is accelerated by rapidly releasing the chains of your emotional wounds, crystallizing more meaning and purpose in all that you do, and implementing a personalized growth plan to step into the leader you were meant to be.

Wildfire Wisdom is Founded on 4 Cornerstones of Courageous Healing

Transforming Trauma

Trauma is not a life sentence. Emotional pain can be resolved swiftly and gently with the powerful tools of the unconscious mind.

Emotional Skills

Emotional capacity and understanding the wisdom in emotions are the keys to freedom of expression and feeling the aliveness in life.

Inner Growth

A growth mindset is crucial to be continuously stepping into your personal and professional best self and joyfully embracing the ups and downs of the journey.

Soul Purpose & Meaning

Without meaning and a higher purpose, success is empty. Aligning with your soul's plan and making empowering meanings of your experience is the key.

Cornerstone One

Transforming & Transcending Trauma

Trauma is not a life sentence. Emotional pain can be resolved quickly with right tools.

Talk therapy has its useful place, but it is not a direct transformation intervention. For immediate results, inner change needs to happen at the mind-body level. When we know how to access the deepest part of the mind, we can create lasting change that can transform a lifetime of emotional pain.

Neuroplasticity is ability of the brain to reorganize synaptic connections and change its coding and mapping. When applied to memories, particularly disturbing ones, we are given the opportunity to change our perception and understanding of our past and remove the emotional charge from those old memories.

Sue Bowe, the founder of Wildfire Wisdom is a multiple trauma survivor who has been pioneering leading edge approaches to transforming emotional pain for almost two decades. Using the methods on herself and her clients, she has crafted a swift and effective approach to resolving emotional wounds.

The Trauma AlchemyTM Method is an integrated and wholistic approach that draws on neuroscience, hypnotherapy, NLP, memory reconsolidation, energy healing and co-active coaching. No other healing method integrates these powerful fields into one cohesive and effective approach.

Transforming and transcending Trauma, PTSD, and other emotional pain can occcur in under 2 months with this advanced process. And remembering the trauma is not required for this to method to work.

Cornerstone Two

Emotional Proficiency Skill-Building

Emotional capacity and understanding is the key to freedom and aliveness in life.

Intelligence is not enough. You need the skill and the capacity to engage with emotions in a way that enhances your day to day life experience. It is your divine human right to feel all emotions.

It’s all well and good to think you know what anger is. But that doesn’t mean you know how to recognize it in your body, or to understand it’s wisdom, or to have the ability to feel it and express it in a healthy way. That’s emotional proficiency. A fundamental life skill that is seldom taught in school, at home, or in business.

Our approach begins with releasing the pressure cooker of emotions that most people are carrying around. The proverbial emotional baggage is like a pressurized can with a failing seal, just waiting to blow. That makes it especially difficult to learn emotional proficiency.

We make it infinitely easier by first releasing the residual emotion from earlier life experience, so that you can be free to feel what you feel and learn how to navigate and manage those emotions appropriately.

Feeling the aliveness of life and the freedom to express what you feel is only possible when your wellness plan includes emotional skill-building.

Cornerstone Three

Professional and Personal Growth

A growth mindset is the only way to be your personal and professional best.

Are you the leader that you want to be in life and in business? If not, where's the gap? The common answer to that question is “I don’t know.” That’s where we come in. A blind spots assessment is the best way to clarify the issues and identify the root causes. Then we know how to resolve the blocks and close the gap.

Most successful helping professionals like you are on a mission. You need to realize your potential and make a bigger impact in the world in order to fulfill your mission. To do this you must commit to your growth and evolution, and that commitment requires investing time, money and energy. Because you are worth it. Your mission is at stake. And there are more people to serve.

It’s part of the human condition, to have hidden blocks that highlight our growth edges. Places that are yet out of view, but that hold enormous potential for expanding yourself beyond your comfort zone and unleashing a better version of you. Systematically chipping away at the pieces that are not serving you, allows you to become the most authentic leader and healer that you can be.

After all, professional growth IS personal. Fulfillment and meaningful success are yours when you commit to personal and professional growth.

Cornerstone Four

Soul Purpose & Meaning in Life

Without meaning and purpose, success feels empty.

You don’t have to be a philosophy major to get clear on the meaning of life. It’s personal. And you already have everything you need to uncover it. You just need roadmap and a guide.

Along the way, you’ll expand your worldview, bust up some old paradigms and deliberately choose empowering perspectives. This is the way of expanding consciousness, and it happens magically when we begin the search for meaning and our soul’s purpose.

Discovering your unique place in the universe, and your distinct role and purpose requires looking at life differently than before. It asks you to trust in something larger than yourself. And it invites you to align with unseen forces in the cosmos, that are conspiring with you to create joy, abundance, and vitality.

Understanding your soul’s purpose and the meaning of life is a powerful cornerstone of courageous healing.

Dear Brave One,

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ABOUT Sue Bowe

From Chemist to Alchemist, Sue leverages both corporate and entrepreneurial backgrounds, with almost two decades in personal transformation and trauma healing. Surviving childhood sexual abuse, a traumatic divorce and the suicide of her 19-year old son, Sue has firsthand experience of transcending trauma and post traumatic growth. She's on a mission to accelerate human consciousness evolution and that starts with courageous healing of one brave soul at a time.

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