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orange chair in den homeostasis


“HOME WE’LL STAY 😘” During this unusual time of being required to stay at home, there’s a beautiful invitation being presented to us to discover and create a new, fulfilling equilibrium. It’s classic science from grade school… when a system…

Coaching Buyer Beware: Know What You Need

Coach shopping has become incredibly challenging. Many online and offline ‘coaches’ are actually trainers and mentors. And it’s important that you know the difference. Because coaching is not a regulated industry, anyone can hang a shingle on their office door…
spiral of stones representing personal growth

Prioritizing Personal Growth Goals

What if we prioritized personal growth goals as much as formal education? Our world, and your life, would be very different. Hateful attacks would be eliminated because people would look within themselves to find the source of their negativity and…
plan to grow

What’s Your Growth Plan?

How intentional are you about your personal growth and professional growth plans? Most people put more effort into planning their vacations than they do their own personal growth and evolution. Yet vacations are fleeting, while investing in self development will…
lessons from loss

Lessons From Loss

When someone we love dies, our world shatters. Although these situations fall into the common category of grief, each loss is unique, depending on the relationship to the deceased, the nature of the death, and many other circumstances. And every…
winter pause and reflect

Pause and Reflect on Life

It seems to roll around every year in late autumn… the urge to slow down to pause and reflect on life. The days are shorter, the trees and plants have shed and are pulling their energy into their roots, and…
woman happy with personal power

5 Ways We Give Away Our Personal Power – Part 2

You are the only person who truly knows what you want. If you’ve chosen your profession because of your parents, or you’re deferring to your spouse about your vacation location, then you’ve given away your power. Knowing what you want and intentionally going after it, is empowering.
motivation mind map

8 Signs your Motivation is Unhealthy

In the Linkedin article Is your Motivation Hurting you? I shared two important types of motivation that are inconsistent, stressful and unhealthy, and the ideal balance of motivational drivers to have to accomplish your goals in a healthy, consistent and…
woman upset

How to Know if your Stuck

How do you know if you’re stuck? In our hyper-active, multi-tasking society, it can be difficult to find an accurate barometer for ‘stuck’.  What could be considered a slower pace today, might have been overdrive a generation ago. First let’s…
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How to Get Un-Stuck and Create Momentum

It’s inevitable, really. At some point everyone experiences being stuck. It may be that you’re unable to move forward on your dream, or are stuck on a particular project, or you might be totally stuck in life. Whatever the stuck-ness is that you’re experiencing, you can shift it now to create momentum towards what you want.