It is an honour and a delight to work with each every Brave Soul who comes looking for a boost in their growth and healing journey. Here's what my clients and students have to say about our work together. I am truly grateful for their praise.

Healing Alchemy...


In a sea of transformational coaches, Sue is a beacon of professionalism, compassion, and wisdom. She creates a space where trauma heals as much from her presence as from her process.

Jennifer Porter Event Management

My head was very cloudy and my brain was like a pinball machine, never being able to focus. I found it extremely hard to cry and show emotion to myself and others. In my first session with Sue, I found clarity and peace with the issues and life events that I was, and still am, dealing with. I was able to face my emotions straight on and have a very good cry about 24 hours later. Since working with Sue, I am now able to cry with more ease and in front of others. Crying is such an amazing and natural release that I haven't been able to experience for quite some time now. This was impacting my life because I could feel the emotions building up, however they weren't releasing, thus feeling pressure. Now that I have become more comfortable crying and being able to release my emotions I feel so much lighter in my mind and I am able to focus energy on other things where I wasn't able to focus before. Sue is a wonderful and very genuine person. It can be a bit hard going to a stranger for help on some very personal issues and levels. Once I had met Sue, I was able to let go completely and let her lead me through it. The environment that she created for our session and her gentle voice really allowed me to completely relax and let go and start to feel my emotions again. For anyone that is considering hypnotherapy, give it a try, if anything it is the most relaxing experience I have ever had.

Laurie Marks-O'Sullivan

I went to see Sue as I was hoping to eliminate my fear of snakes. So much more came up. Wow! Sue is incredible. She is a compassionate, caring lady with a true gift that she is using as she gently assists people on the path to total wellness. I would highly recommend seeing Sue. As far as snakes go I don’t react when I see them now. In addition many more issues were addressed. So pleased.

Jo-Ann McRogers MSW, RSW,

Sue holds the unique ability to be "in it" and to shine a light on the path forward "with it".

Jan Delville Semi-Retired

Before I met Sue, it was tough to see the lessons in what I had experienced and in what I was currently experiencing. As we worked together, I was able to let go of the emotional responses to things based on past experiences and just accept the moment for what it was without attaching harmful emotions to the present based on past outcomes. Now I am more grounded and better able to be objective in dealing with others in relationships. Sue has a warm and gentle way of taking the fear out of traumatic events so that you can see things as they are and choose to move forward in your own way at your own speed.


Sue has a gift of bringing calm and supportive energy to difficult inner-personal situations and offering a fresh perspective on creating a future free from the toxic residue of trauma and abuse. Sue brings a light to the world that is so needed.

Anne Stewart Healthy Home Consultant

I was overwhelmed with too many commitments. Sue helped me focus my energy to what is important to me. I am more sure of my direction, less scattered, calmer. Sue's calm insight and perception as well as her honed skills are a joy to experience.

Phylis Baker Coordinator, Community Living

I carried a lot of burdens from the past from Trauma. At times my anxiety and fear paralyzed me. I had the belief that I needed to save everyone because of my upbringing. Since working with Sue, I no longer live in fear and now have a tool box of skills to help me through difficult times. I don’t swoop in anymore but am able to detach from others' problems. I feel lighter and can work through things a lot quicker when they happen. I don’t take ownership or believe I have to solve everyone’s problems.

Joshua Campbell Realtor,

I am lucky to say that I have had the pleasure to work with Sue Bowe. After completing multiple levels of coaching and counselling in my past, I was still looking for something more. My purpose as always was to strive for another level. Sue’s techniques did just that. Her timeline strategies really enabled me to have perspective and self-love. I have not seen the same techniques used by anyone else. She is a one and only and I would recommend her to anyone looking to understand themselves to a degree they haven’t before.

Kristina Solheim Owner,

Having been a client of Sue's for years, I've experienced how impactful her approach is when working with past trauma. I work with Sue as my business coach, but I've also done some separate work with her on identifying and resolving emotional trauma. Sue is a talented and compassionate energy worker and shaman. I am so grateful to have her in my life.

Renita Alejandra Health & Wellness Educator

If you have an opportunity to work with Sue, do not hesitate. Her work is powerful and deeply transformational. It is an extremely joyful and fulfilling process to work with someone with such brilliant insight and a kind, generous spirit. She is incredibly soulful, intuitive, heart-centered and profoundly wise. She will not only clear the roadblocks in your life and facilitate meaningful, actionable change, but she will get you on the fastest path to your purpose-driven life and your highest potential.

Rick Harris Owner, Workboot Consulting

I hired Sue because I knew where I wanted to be but didn’t know how to get there. I had a blurry vision of what I wanted my life to be and with Sue’s help the picture became clearer. Sue has a gentle approach that helped me release years of difficulties and made me celebrate my life. With her help I took the steps to live a life I am grateful for, I have never been happier with my personal and business life. I’m not exactly where I want to be and I believe that’s how it should be: strive for more but always be grateful. I highly recommend Sue.

Craig Williams Owner, Williams Denim

When I first met Sue, I was in a very transitional stage in my life. After years of anguish, I was looking to move in a new career direction. Issues of motivation and self doubt plagued me, and I found it challenging to even believe in new possibilities. The transformation I have gone through has been extraordinary! Issues that have plagued me for years are now gone and I struggle to even remember what they were! With Sue’s guidance and coaching, I have started my own business and have surpassed hurdles along the way by leaps and bounds. I’m on fire! The depth and breadth of Sue’s knowledge, understanding, wisdom and caring are a definite asset to anyone looking for growth in work, love, family, health, well being etc. Without Sue I would probably be miserable and back in the rat race fighting for a piece of cheese that nobody really wants anyways. Instead I am happy.

Joseph Business Owner

Before working with Sue, I was struggling with a lack of confidence, had visions of failure, suffered from bouts of depression, always had a sense of feeling overwhelmed. I hid it very well, I was married with kids and ran a successful business and was an accomplished athlete. Sue helped me in a way I can only describe as life changing! My negative thought patterns were replaced with positive thoughts. I no longer felt the weight of the world on my shoulders. Sue taught me the tools to deal with everyday issues in my business and personal life, to recognize when my needs were not being met. Over the past 4 months my business has grown on average 30% per month from the previous year’s month. I am feeling much more confident in running my business now, I don’t second-guess my decisions. I walk around with a smile on my face now!

Jacqueline Ziorjen RMT, Clinic Owner

I was in a constant state of varied intensities of anxiety. I felt like there was a current of "nervous" energy running through my body that was extremely unsettling. My body felt like a live wire exposed to the elements. This state had developed and increased over the course of many years and became so uncomfortable. It seemed incredulous that after our first session I no longer had that feeling of nervous energy coursing through my body. It was a very freeing feeling. In experiencing that so immediately I was overwhelmed with such gratitude and hope... that feeling of hope and relief that anxiety will no longer overshadow my daily existence. I am truly blessed to have made Sue's acquaintance. She practices with such grace of expertise and empathy. The best outcome is realizing how worthwhile I am. Thank you Sue for being an awesome human being.

Life Coaching...

Kathleen Bernardi Owner,

I have worked with Sue a number of times in the past including one on one coaching and her Earth Wisdom Living course. Sue's practical and positive approach to business and life has helped me immensely in navigating the sustainable changes I have and continue to make in my personal and professional worlds.

Bahar Karbakhsh-Ravari Lawyer and Mediator,

Sue is an exceptional person and coach who I have learned a great deal from. Sue has helped me more clearly envision the life and future that I want for myself through an array of coaching strategies. I feel more confident about my professional and personal choices through the work that we have done together. You really do feel like a fire has been lit within you and that what you want is within your reach! Thank you, Sue, for your affectionate, thoughtful and thought-provoking coaching sessions!

Richard Business Consultant

I had one 90-minute session with Sue, and in that short time, I learned when and where by beliefs came from, and that properly used, anger can be constructive not destructive. Further, that suppressing anger isn’t helpful to me or those affected. My newfound understanding (and belief change) not only helps me to be respectfully more authentic, it helps be better understand those around me. All in 90 minutes, wow.

Paul Senior Financial Services Executive

Sue is smart, thoughtful, insightful, kind and really gets it.

Carole Plant Realtor and Author

Sue's beautiful clarity, the ease and grace with which she approaches life, is powerfully contagious. This is a wise and wonderful individual who can and will help you become your highest and best self.

Cindy Thistle PSW

Sue has the expert ability to create and hold the space for you to do your most creative and inspired work. She asks the right questions and magic happens!

Cecelia Naturopathic Doctor

I can honestly say that I accomplished more in the three months that Sue and I first worked together than I had in the previous three years! Sue was very intuitively guided as we worked together, she was an extremely professional and highly skilled coach. There isn’t one area of my life that hasn't improved since we began our work together – my relationship with my husband, finances, house, self-care, health and business have all been taken to the next level.

Business Coaching...

Jonathan Sales Manager

Coaching has done wonders for my career in just 5 months! It has boosted my confidence and provided the tools necessary to become a stronger manager.

Rich Grof Coach & Trainer,

Sue is a true professional who is passionate about developing business leader’s performance. The best part about working with Sue is her knowledge and ability to get to the simple truth about a situation, and then provide the necessary resources to enable a client to move forward. I highly recommend Sue if you are looking to make the next big shift in your life or business.

Jim Baston Owner, BBH Consulting

Sue is a wonderful business coach and a delight to work with. She is professional and focused and absolutely dedicated to the needs of her clients. I would recommend Sue to anyone looking to work with an exceptional coach who gets results.

Tom Financial Services Executive

Sue helped to bring up important issues that I knew existed but needed to be discussed further. In a fairly brief period of time, she helped prioritize certain important tasks that needed to be accomplished to improve and optimize things. She is a great listener, and my experience with her helped my focus on the next steps in my life.

Doris Business Owner

Before working with Sue, I was struggling to make a major life decision. I was flip-flopping back and forth unsatisfied with each option I considered. This in turn was leading to a loss of confidence in my abilities as a decision maker. Sue helped me to lay out all the pieces of the puzzle, then prioritize and analyze all factors objectively and subjectively. I was able to determine my goals, needs and wants and finally make the right decision for me.

Vanessa Long Coach,

Sue is the best Coach I have ever worked with. Period. Her ability to really listen to me, add her incredible wisdom, and then to create unique solutions has been a huge factor in my business success. I know that when there’s a problem, it’s time to see Sue and blast through my obstacles to increase revenues and profit.

Ryan Kruyne CEO, Kott Group

I believe my life is about understanding, harnessing and using energy in the most effective and efficient way possible to maximize happiness. Sue has helped me connect with my spirit, unearth my ‘more’ and is able to talk shop without missing a beat.

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