April 15, 2019

rebuilding after loss

woman upsetEndings and losses are inevitable in life. As much we dislike change, and do our best to create stability, it’s impossible to avoid endings. Sometimes endings are planned, sometimes there is some advanced notice, and other times they are completely unexpected. However, every ending is followed by a beginning. And with that beginning is an opportunity to rebuild.

Whenever an ending occurs, we experience a loss.

I help people rebuild after the following types of losses:

JOB / CAREER: You may have been downsized, or your division was closed. You may be grateful to have been let go from that job you hated yet are lost on what to do next. You may have recently retired and are finding the transition more challenging than you expected.

DEATH: You’ve lost a loved one or a dear friend, either with some advanced warning or not. While the grieving continues, you are not sure what to do with your life and/or your work now.

RELATIONSHIP: It may be the end of a long-term relationship, or it may be a marriage separation or divorce. Either way, there’s a lot to let go of and a lot of questions about what’s next.

stressed man

All of these losses represent significant times of change in our lives, even though they may affect different areas of our lives. Yet, they all have some common challenges as you navigate through the loss.

To be clear, my services do not replace the important triage and counselling that is needed in the early weeks and months of a traumatic loss. However, my services are beautifully complementary to those important early interventions, as an alternative blend of coaching, hypnotherapy and energy healing focused on resolving the past and rebuilding in the present, for the future.

Common Challenges in Loss

  • Emotional upheaval / turmoil – the emotional burden can be intense and can bring up other emotional wounds from the past too
  • Changing needs and care – new personal needs and self-care must be tended to, and the expectations we place on ourselves often need adjusting
  • Lack of unbiased support – your friends and family don’t get it and their helping isn’t helpful
  • Identity change – how you see yourself, and your roles in the world, have changed in a way that may not be clear to you yet
  • Learning and finding meaning – understanding what this loss means for you and finding ways to learn and grow from it are empowering ways to respond
  • Integrating the new reality – learning how to reconcile and accept the reality of the loss is easier when you are also focusing on rebuilding your Self and your life
  • Dreams and future plans change – now that this person / job / partner is no longer in your life, your plans for the future will change

stressed womanIt can be easy to isolate yourself, pretend everything is fine, or try to figure it out on your own. I know, I’ve been there. And what I’ve learned is that it is much easier and faster to navigate this challenging time with professional support.

This loss, as painful as it is, is offering you an opportunity to redesign and rebuild your Self and your life, in a way that truly aligns with your heart and soul. Living life fully with meaning and purpose is what’s possible.

May you accept this opportunity, brave soul.

If you’d like to discuss how this might work for you, please book a complementary consultation with me here.

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