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If you’re ready to dive in to something but not quite ready to have a chat with me, I invite you grab any of these free tools. I ask for your email in return so that we can stay in touch through my occasional newsletters and beyond.

Enjoy these gifts and I’ll look forward to connecting with you again soon.

From Stuck to Momentum: How to jump start your life when things are stalled. Because sometimes you just need a little boost!

How to Get to the Root of the Problem: Because if you don’t resolve it at the root, it will keep coming back. From the One Page Worksheet Series.

Shadow Mirror Work: How to grow from people that bother you. From the One Page Worksheet Series.

Life Purpose Discovery Tool: Invite your purpose to emerge. Want to take a look at yourself in a way that has your purpose drop into your lap? Use this tool. From the One Page Worksheet Series.

Keep Your Fire Burning Bright during the Holidays: How to get your needs met so you can enjoy every moment. When the holiday season is upon us it’s the most important time to take good self-care.

The Fast-Growing Business Owner’s Leadership Mindset Check: The Owner Operating System (OOS) Upgrade Tool.  It can be lonely at the top. Use this tool as a self-check on your mental game for high-performance leadership.

The Ultimate Guide to get out of Overwhelm: For fast-growing business owners and leaders on a mission.  A great system to get yourself out of overwhelm, no matter if you 5 min or 45 min to do it.

Mastering the Moment for Time-Starved Changemakers: The secret to freeing up your time for more of what matters. If you’re schedule is out of control then this tool is for you.

Mid-Year Life Check: Review and course correct throughout the year. Use this tool to check in on your goals and intentions for the year and make the needed course corrections. From the One Page Worksheet Series.

New Year Life Strategy: Setting your direction for the coming year.  The perfect tool for end-of-year reflection and strategizing for the new year. From the One Page Worksheet Series.

Is Your Wildfire Calling? Use this prompt to do a status-check on your life, and your wildfire. From the One Page Worksheet Series.

Declaration of Emotional Rights: The foundation of emotional intelligence. When you need to correct self-limiting beliefs about feeling how you feel. From the One Page Worksheet Series.

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