February 20, 2019

Netflix Travelers

The spiritual meaning in the Travelers series is thought-provoking and powerful. At the time of this post I wasn’t able to find any reference to this on the web so I decided to share it myself.

The Canadian-based Netflix series Travelers captivated me from the first episode. And while I love a good sci-fi drama (I’m a trekkie), it was the philosophical and ethical dilemmas and the fascinating characters and situations they had to deal with that kept me intrigued.

*SPOILER ALERT*  Netflix did not renew Travelers after season 3. There are references to all three seasons and the season 3 finale in this post. Click off now if you haven’t watched all seasons and want to avoid knowing what happens.

The show is about a team of Travelers (highly trained operatives) from the future who come back to the 21st century to perform missions intended to divert humanity from the catastrophic future they came from. They arrive in the 21st century by having their consciousness sent into the body of a person who is about to die, and then they assume the life of their host after the death is averted. Their missions are sent to them by an artificial intelligence called the Director.

Here is the spiritual metaphor that I see in the show. Travelers can be thought of as souls, who chose the body and life they want to live out before embodying. While Travelers come from some time in the future and their consciousness is placed in a body that is about to die, souls come from the etheric realm and their consciousness is placed in a newborn body (except for walk-ins, but that requires more explanation than we have room for here today).

  1. Time is a construct. Time only exists in the 3D material reality on earth as a construct for human life, so it doesn’t matter which time or timeline the Travelers are coming from. In our multidimensional universe, anywhere but now is an illusion of time. Is there really any difference between where Travelers come from and where souls come from?
  2. Travelers and Souls are all “souldiers” on a mission. Travelers have the grand plan mission, and they have specific missions that are assigned throughout their time in the 21st. Protocol #1: The mission comes first. Souls also have a mission. All souls share the mission of helping humanity to know themselves as they really are: spiritual beings temporarily in a human body. And each soul has unique missions, with and without other team members, to shine their divine light in the world in a special way.
  3. Changing timelines and changing futures. My understanding of this multidimensional universe is that while there are a multitude of timelines and future possibilities, the collective consciousness focuses on just a few primary timelines. Travelers raises fascinating questions about the impact of time travel and the impact of their missions. How is the timeline changed when a traveler arrives in the 21st and prevents a death by taking over the host body? What is the impact of the continuous and often necessary improvisation that the travelers do? Who knows what is good and what is bad, since most of the heroic efforts of the Traveler team did not improve the future as intended? Souls are faced with similar questions because when they embody they forget who they really are, by design. For both Travelers and for Souls it becomes an adventure in discerning the best course of action with each step.
  4. Who’s giving the missions? In Travelers, the missions are determined by an AI called the Director, who proves to be fallible, vulnerable and both merciful and merciless depending on the situation. The Director is managing complex calculations of unlimited probabilities in multiple timelines in a way that is impossible for a human mind to comprehend. The same has been said of the Creator, God, Source, All That Is, Universe, or whatever label you use. Each embodied soul is connected to their ‘I Am’ presence or higher self soul aspect that is linked to the Creator. And we get our missions from Source via this soul-level link. In both scenarios, the Director and God Source Creator have a higher wisdom and intelligence that we trust knows what is best for the greater good, even if in the moment, it looks like merciless suffering.
  5. Everyone is fighting for what they belief in. Even if they have the same mission, they may still see themselves as enemies because their approach is different. True in Travelers (Director or Faction?). True in Life (war, terrorism).

Is it even possible to save the world by changing the past?

And is it necessary to save the world?

Humanity has failed and succeeded at evolving into the true spiritual beings that we are, many times before. Some, like the Maya are said to have transcended to higher dimensions, whereas most other lost civilizations have destroyed themselves. And unless you are a very new soul to earth, you’ve likely been embodied in these ancient times yourself.

Our souls are eternal. We’ve lived through many lifetimes here on earth and elsewhere. So, while this lifetime is a drop in the bucket of a soul’s existence, if the current trajectory of humanity is destined to fail, then we’ll start over again with a new plan (aka Travelers Program v.2 in the season 3 finale).

Here in real life on earth, I don’t believe a version 2 program is necessary. We have far more power to influence our future from right here where we are in the 21st.

We’re at a turning point now in the 21st here on earth, and if we all listen to our souls, improvise and overcome as we go, and complete the missions that we (our soul) designed for us before we embodied, we’ll all get to where we want to go.

I realize I’ve over-simplified the concepts in this post for the sake of brevity and focus. I trust you’ll understand.

And I welcome your thoughts and comments on these ideas. It’s a fun discussion to be had. And kudos to the entire Travelers team – what an amazing series!

Until next time, Protocol’s 1 and 5 everyone.


  • Thanks for this feedback Lisa. I couldn’t agree more. This movie left a similar feeling in me as the Matrix trilogy did. Glad you enjoyed the post. :)

  • This is great & so accurate. This series really resonated with me also. You are spot on. The whole series was so thought provoking and almost felt this was hidden code for the viewer.

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