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Prioritizing Personal Growth Goals

What if we prioritized personal growth goals as much as formal education? Our world, and your life, would be very different. Hateful attacks would be eliminated because people would look within themselves to find the source of their negativity and…
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What’s Your Growth Plan?

How intentional are you about your personal growth and professional growth plans? Most people put more effort into planning their vacations than they do their own personal growth and evolution. Yet vacations are fleeting, while investing in self development will…
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8 Signs your Motivation is Unhealthy

In the article Is your Motivation Hurting you? I shared two important types of motivation that are inconsistent, stressful and unhealthy, and the ideal balance of motivational drivers to have to accomplish your goals in a healthy, consistent and sustainable way. This…
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How to Know if your Stuck

How do you know if you’re stuck? In our hyper-active, multi-tasking society, it can be difficult to find an accurate barometer for ‘stuck’.  What could be considered a slower pace today, might have been overdrive a generation ago. First let’s…