The 3 Secrets to Positive Thinking

I thought it might be helpful to share 3 secrets to positive thinking, because everyone wants to be happy.  Everyone likes to be around positive people.  Everyone likes a happy ending.

So why is there so much focus on doom and gloom in the world?  The news is all about crime, disasters and war.  Bosses and teachers talk about what’s wrong with the work but rarely what is good.  People are filled with fear and dread, and are living their lives wondering when the other shoe is going to drop, or “what next?!”.

It takes focus and determination to avoid being sucked in to the negativity around you.  And sometimes you forget that…

You are always at choice about how you think and feel.

And you can choose to think positively any time.

  1. AIM. Know what you want.  It feels good to get clear on what you want.  Often we know what we don’t want, but we don’t take the next steps to say, “if not that, then what?”.  We experience contrast every day that can be used to get clearer and clearer on our dreams and goals.  Whenever you notice something you don’t want, turn it into a new detail about what you do want.  Aim.
  2. ENERGIZE. Choose your thoughts using your emotions.  Use your emotional guidance system to tell you when to change your thinking.  If it feels bad, let the thought go.  If it feels good, focus on it. Daydream about what you want, as often as you can, so that your positive emotions will drive your behavior toward what you want.
  3. BELIEVE. Expect it.  Set the intention for it.  Believe it will be.  Expect it to happen any moment.  The anticipation is not only fun, but it feels good too.  Some people don’t want to get their hopes up in case they end up disappointed, but then they spend the entire time being negative about it.  Wouldn’t it be better to get excited and believe and anticipate it, until it arrives?

So, go ahead, turn that negative thought into a positive one and enjoy yourself.

Life’s more fun that way!

Let me know what you think! I would love your feedback. And don’t forget to leave a link back to your own blog too if you have one via the commentluv feature here on the site.

Until then, be resilient.


  • Your positivism is contagious.There is reason positive thinking is called personal development because it develops you . your life and people around you.
    AIM – you are right about this.
    “They made their choice when they made no choice.”-Og the Great.

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