May 6, 2020

four brightly colored doors to choose from

There are certain times in life when we are faced with major choices that change the course of our lives significantly… when we choose to marry, or take a job overseas, or bring a baby into the world.

And then there are times in life when we are faced with a major choice that affects our perspective in a way that it fundamentally changes our way of being – our attitudes, beliefs, and worldview.

You might be reading this because you are at one of those latter crossroads.

The truth is, is that ultimately our perspective is a choice.

We choose to believe certain things and hold attitudes and opinions in a certain way. Albeit, these choices are often unconscious… completely out of our conscious awareness.  But they are choices just the same.

And it is possible to re-assess every choice and deliberately choose anew.

There is Choice in Human Consciousness Evolution

In models of human consciousness evolution*, over the course of history, the major step changes in humanity’s level of consciousness came about from the stressors of their environment because those stressors made growth and evolution necessary.

It was necessary to evolve to survive.

That evolution took many forms: new ideas, higher thinking, new belief systems, adapted behaviours, more effective communicating and relating, etc.

When faced with external stressors, humanity is forced to grow or perish.

Covid-19 is a major external stressor in our lifetimes.

Evolving by Choice or by Force-Resistance

It is an understatement to say that this virus has had a major impact on the world. And yet, each of us if faced with a choice in how we respond to it.

We can respond in fear or in love. We can respond as a victim or as a co-creative soul. We can respond by engaging with life or withdrawing from life. Some brave souls will choose to cross over at this pivotal time.

Pondering your Choices

I’ll leave you with some thoughts to ponder so that you can choose how to respond, and so you can choose which door you want to go through during this historical and evolutionary time.

What if your brave soul planned to be here for this momentous time because you knew that you had an important role to play?

How would you see life differently if you presumed you had cosmic co-creative input into everything that is going on, even if you don’t remember giving it?

Would you see the people whose lives are ending at this time differently if you believed their souls signed up for this role willingly and passionately?

How would you feel differently if you re-membered that after death you are safe, and you are ok, and you are eternal?

How would you see yourself and your future differently if you did not fear death?

An Empowering Declaration

“While it is true that I am [fill in the blank with your current challenge], I am grateful for the growth opportunity that this experience is offering me.”


I salute you Brave One, for being a willing soul participant in this grand existence on earth. And I am grateful to you for your participation, your service, and your impact.

Will you step through the EVOLUTION DOOR with me, Brave One?

I’ll meet you there! ;)




* the work of Clare Graves, Don Beck, Ken Wilber, and Richard Barrett

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