The Myth of Self-Sufficiency

There’s a global movement afoot that is focused on self-reliance and self-sufficiency, and while I am a huge advocate and trainer in this lifestyle choice, I have noticed that most people have misinterpreted the true meaning of it, and risk falling into the trap and myth of self-sufficiency.

At first glance, the notion of self-sufficient living is a noble dream; to live resourcefully and empowered, getting all your needs met from within your homestead or hobby farm, and to be disconnected from the fragile and crumbling systems that our modern industrial civilization has come to depend on.

There’s an idealistic image of a cabin in the woods, away from the bustle of civilization and the rat race of career advancement, with peace and solitude blanketing the home and property.  Often there’s a pond nearby in this dream, with some Muskoka chairs to sit and reflect on the water that’s as smooth as glass.

Well I’m here to tell you that dream is a crock. It’s near impossible unless you have been training and honing the necessary skills for most of your life.  And even if you have the skill set to make a go of it by yourself or with your family, the isolation will drive you batty.  …this coming from a classic introvert who relishes my solitude!

Here’s why self-sufficiency is a myth…

Most people do not understand that embedded in the concept of self-sufficient living is a critical requirement of inter-dependency among those around you: your community.  You can be as passive or as intentional as you want to be about choosing your community, but I’m proposing to you that living self-sufficiently with isolation will never work in the long run.

You will need to develop supportive relationships with your neighbours and local merchants to create true self-sufficient living.  Depending on how remote you dream of being, you should plan for a quarterly air-drop of supplies to your homestead in the middle of nowhere, since it’s entirely likely you will not be able to meet ALL of your day-to-day needs yourself.  So you will be reliant on some external source of supplies.  In the Earth Wisdom Living program we teach that you are far better off to develop these linkages as locally as possible and build the relationships that will support you and make your life more enjoyable for the rest of your life.

In addition, most people dream of an isolated retreat location as an over-compensation for their inability to set personal boundaries and create calm, peaceful spaces in their current lives.  They are recoiling from being over-scheduled, over-worked, and generally out of balance.  At Leadership Unleashed (Wildfire Wisdom), we get people off that burnout path, so they don’t need to escape their lives to find peace and quiet.  What if you could have an oasis at home?!

So if you’re dreaming of living self-sufficiently and need to get clarity and make a plan, then our Plan Your Dream Intensive Weekend Retreat on June 14-15, 2014 is just for you.  Earth Wisdom Living takes you through the comprehensive process of every consideration in the quadrants of Self, Home, Nature and Community so that you create your customized plan for self-sufficient living that is just right for you, your timing and your budget.

As always, I welcome your feedback!

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