Your Trauma is a Learned Response

and You Can Outgrow It

When you can communicate with your unconscious mind, anything is possible

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Sue presenting a talk

Carrying Trauma from the Past Hurts

Isn't trauma exhausting?! Holding all of those memories and emotions inside takes a lot of energy, and it causes ongoing stress and tension. It makes it hard to keep up with responsibilities and obligations, and to be there for your family, friends and clients.

It's a struggle when your trauma can get triggered by the smallest thing, and you are flooded with memories that feel like they are happening right now.  The intensity of the emotion and physical reactions can be unbearable. 

It doesn't work to pretend it doesn't exist, to hide it, to distract yourself, or to numb yourself out. The trauma is still there.

Your Potential isn't Realized

You might have noticed that the old trauma is getting in the way of you becoming all that you can be. It keeps you doubting yourself, playing small, and repeating unhealthy behaviours. 

ShameThe worst emotion of all is feeling ashamed for not having overcome your trauma, and not knowing how.

Coping is not a Viable Long Term Strategy

Your trauma is the response to a distressing or disturbing experience that was intended to help you survive it, but this automatic response has continued to run long after it's usefulness has worn out.

To delete and replace that old programming requires two things: a growth mindset (with the intentional Post Traumatic Growth principles) and the tools to work directly with the Unconscious Mind

Your coping strategies have been doing their best to manage your trauma response, but they're wearing out. Wouldn't it be better to end the trauma response so you don't have to cope anymore?!

When you change the trauma response at the unconscious level, you transform the way your nervous system and body understand the traumatic experience, so that...

... you recall it without the emotional charge

... you let go of victimhood and know yourself as an empowered survivor

... you are no longer hijacked into experiencing the past as if it's happening in the present

... you are free to choose how you respond in the moment to life's everyday events

... you have more energy to do the things you want

... you open up emotional capacity for the full range of expression

Introducing the Trauma Alchemy Method

When we establish a direct connection to the unconscious mind, we can change the body's automatic reactions. That's gold. The Trauma Alchemy Method uses several precise techniques to work with the unconscious mind so that we can enroll it into helping us with the change process, gain useful insights from it, and provide instructions to it that support the desired outcomes.

Using the psychology of memory reconsolidation, we can change the way that memories (and the associated emotions) are coded in the mind. Memories are malleable. In fact, they change slightly every time we recall them. So knowing how and when to make therapeutic changes to memories is fundamental to the Trauma Alchemy Method.

This method is a synthesis of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Hypnotherapy, leadership coaching, energy healing, and spiritual healing.

The most comprehensive way to engage in this transformative and healing work is to work with Sue in a private Trauma Alchemy Breakthrough.

What's in the

Trauma Alchemy Breakthrough 

A completely customized, private one-to-one program of 6 half-day-equivalent segments over the course of two months or less

Understanding of the Original Purpose

Unearth the real purpose of the automatic programming and clarify the problem. Then receive an activation for change at the unconscious level

Safe & Gentle Preparation for Unlocking the Trauma

Enroll the unconscious mind in a better way and soothe the nervous system, so that the trauma response is unlocked and ready for change

Seeing Yourself and your Trauma in a New Light

Transform perspectives by unleashing new, empowering insights (from higher perspectives) that dissolve the old limitations and emotional pain. All without re-living the past.

Unveiling the Real You that was Hiding under the Trauma

Discover your beautiful core essence. Receive insights from your Higher Self. Understand what's important to you now and what you need to be fulfilled. Learn to forgive and love yourself again.

Clarity on the Direction Forward

Envision your future anew by meeting your Future Self and connecting with your Soul's agenda. Set intentions for who you want to be and what, when, and where you want to go.

Crafting a Plan and taking Supported Action

Create a customized action plan, with new and healthy strategies addressing hurdles along the way. Practice healthy emotional, mental and behavioural skills without the old pain getting in the way.

About Sue

Sue Bowe is a Certified Trainer and Master Hypnotherapist and a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. For a decade and a half Sue has been helping leaders and healers uncover their blind spots and transform emotional pain and old trauma, using the power of the unconscious mind. Her integrated and wholistic approach addresses the emotional root cause and then paves a path for personal evolution and fulfillment.


Included in the Trauma Alchemy Breakthrough

Master Your Emotions

The Emotional Mastery Foundations online course helps you access, understand and utilize your emotions for health, vitality and your fullest expression. Available immediately upon sign up.

Consistent Mind-Body Alignment

Receive a recorded Hypnotherapy session tailored to reinforce and extend your healing and transformation, crafted specifically for your unique healing journey. Available at the end of the Program.

A Rapid and Effective Approach

The Trauma Alchemy Breakthrough is unique in its design, from years of compiling and integrating numerous concepts and methods to arrive at a rapid and effective way of alchemizing trauma.

Trauma Alchemy is different from other approaches in these ways...

  • Working directly with the Unconscious Mind to understand and change the trauma response in the nervous system
  • Incorporating the powerful principles of iPTG (intentional Post Traumatic Growth) to facilitate outgrowing the trauma programming rather than applying the bandaid of coping strategies 
  • Offered by an expert in the field who is herself a survivor of complex trauma
What happens next...

Applications accepted until Sunday Dec 13, 2020 at midnight pacific

  • Complete and submit an application
  • Once selected, have a Chemistry Call with Sue to ensure a fit
  • Pay in full or first payment and book the first 3 Segments asap
  • Relax knowing you are in expert hands, and have a roadmap to follow to get you to trauma freedom

Your Peace of Mind 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you don't like this ground-breaking program, you can get a refund anytime within 30 days after your purchase. The refund is prorated for any private segments of the program that have already been completed, at $740/segment. For example, if the 1st segment has been completed, you will receive a refund for the amount paid less $740 for the one segment. 

I was in a constant state of varied intensities of anxiety. My body felt like a live wire exposed to the elements. After our first session I no longer had that feeling of nervous energy coursing through my body.  The best outcome is realizing how worthwhile I am. 

Jackie Ziorjen // RMT 

Sue has a gentle approach that helped me release years of difficulties and made me celebrate my life. With her help I took the steps to live a life I am grateful for. I have never been happier with my personal and business life.

Rick Harris // Consultant

In a sea of transformational coaches, Sue is a beacon of professionalism, compassion, and wisdom. She creates a space where trauma heals as much from her presence as from her process.

Anonymously Offered

Hi Brave One,

I'm Sue Bowe!

I want to personally welcome you to this new discovery, and invite you to join me in stepping into your trauma freedom and enhancing your ability to make a bigger difference in the world.

I've been in the depths of it, like you, and I know the way out to transcend your old pain. I look forward to seeing you inside.

Blessings and love,


sue bowe