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Trapped in Danger Mode

It was not safe when the trauma happened, true. But that was then, and this is now. Yet right now, do you still feel unsafe? You may be trapped in Danger Mode; the fight flight freeze response. Many successful people…
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Empowering Life After Trauma

The opportunity in life after trauma is to engage in intentional post traumatic growth while on the recovery journey. Personal growth using the power of the mind enhances the the healing and recovery work.
coping self versus true self

Coping Self vs True Self

There’s something about yourself that you may not realize. And it’s begging for attention. It’s the way you’ve been coping with life. As children we are extremely adaptable, and learn to improvise, stretch and adjust to our environment and those…

Grief Resources

Loss is inevitable in life. And it hurts. Yet our western culture doesn’t know how to handle grief, much less support someone in it. The grief journey is a shockingly disorienting experience for anyone, especially those experiencing it for the…
rebuilding after loss

Rebuilding After Loss

Endings and losses are inevitable in life. As much we dislike change, and do our best to create stability, it’s impossible to avoid endings. Sometimes endings are planned, sometimes there is some advanced notice, and other times they are completely…