Do You See What I See?

I see a future that is different from most. And I see it deliberately, because I choose to hold a vision of the future that I want to create. Some believe in business as usual, others think we’re doomed.  I choose to believe that human ingenuity and compassion will steer us into a very different way of life than we have now.

We can’t keep going like this after all.

We’re using up the world’s natural resources faster than we’re replenishing them. We’re destroying the elements – earth, air and water – at an alarming rate; natural elements that we depend on to breathe, drink and eat. We’re struggling with a financial system that relies on illusion and fabricating money to keep it propped up. We’re at war for control over lands and oil, and killing our fellow human beings in droves. And sooner, rather than later, this will catch up with us; likely within our lifetimes.

More and more of us are waking up this reality and choosing to change our ways. It can only be done one person at a time, one family at a time. We’re reducing our consumption of disposable goods, we’re simplifying our lifestyles and learning how to supply our own food and other needs, with far less energy than if we purchased items shipped halfway around the world. And we’re becoming better stewards of the land and plants and animals, and learning that if we take care of it well, the land can sustain us for all of our basic needs.  And we’re learning that…

…we don’t need to buy into the material growth agenda, and that simplifying your life and reducing your cost of living can actually increase your quality of life.

So I see a future where we are not so concerned with who owns what, and we work together to make sure everyone is cared for. There is no need for boundaries on the land, because the land does not belong to anyone but Mother Earth. We are free of fear and that freedom allows us to express the truth of who we are, and we are accepted for who we are, quirks and all.  We work to live, and our work is an extension of our unique gifts and talents as we help others and contribute to a better community.

It all starts with each of us individually, taking charge of our lives, empowering ourselves to focus on what matters and create more meaning and freedom.

Will you join me in dreaming this future into being?

As always, I welcome your feedback. Please leave a link back to your own blog too if you have one, via the commentluv feature right here on the site.

Until next time, be resilient.


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