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Which Professional do you Need?

It’s time. You’ve been working on that thing for so long and it’s just not budging. And now it may be getting in the way.

It may be a mental block, a bad habit, a chronic immobilizing emotional state. Or perhaps you’re being consumed by old disturbing memories or you’re fretting so much about some next steps that you can’t move forward. Or maybe you simply can’t put your finger on the thing that’s blocking your progress and potential.

You need a professional who can see the situation objectively and help you forward. What type of professional do you need?

Here’s an explanation of the differences and what you can expect.

A TRAINER teaches you a methodology that is tested and effective.

A MENTOR shares with you what they did to create their successes and their failures, so that you can learn from what they did.

A CONSULTANT analyzes, assesses and provides recommendations based on best practices in the industry.

A COUNSELLOR offers advice on how to manage specific psychological problems, eg stress management or addiction

A THERAPIST corrects unhelpful or dysfunctional thought patterns and behaviours across a wide range of psychological problems, often rooted in the past.

A HEALER offers energetic, psychological and/or physical healing treatments.

A COACH partners with you to provide clarity on the current situation and desired future and to develop a plan of action while holding you accountable.

Here are some important details to be aware of:

  • As some industries are self-regulated, anyone can call themselves a Coach, Trainer, Mentor, Healer or Consultant. I have noticed a disturbing trend with online ‘coaches’ who are actually untrained in coaching and are in fact offering training and mentoring. Ask for credentials. Find out where they studied and certified. Do your due diligence as a buyer.
  • There is a lot of confusion in the marketplace today. Many teachers / trainers are calling themselves coaches. Mentors are calling themselves consultants.
  • There are highly qualified professionals offering a blended approach: Licensed Therapists who have Coaching certifications; Certified Coaches who have a proven methodology that they offer Training in.
  • Several of these professions complement each other, if you want more than one and can’t find a professional with the combination you need. Therapy, Counselling and Healing complement Coaching beautifully.  The former focus on resolving issues from the past to improve the present, and coaching focuses on moving from the present to the desired future. These two streams can be navigated sequentially or more often, in tandem.

I offer a blend of coaching, therapy and healing as an integrated approach. I’m a multi-certified Coach, a Master Hypnotherapist, a Master Practitioner of TimeLine Therapy & NLP and a Shamanic Practitioner.

My approach is to change the unwanted thought patterns, emotions and behaviours by healing the psychological root cause at the unconscious and energetic levels, so that clarity on who you are and your path forward emerges and we create momentum toward that together.

I call it alchemy.

If you’d like a sample, book an exploratory conversation here.

Until soon,