Why Stay in Your Comfort Zone Where You’re Being Less?

We are creatures of comfort you know. It’s human nature to find the easiest way and to create contentment and coziness, so that we can relax into what we’re familiar with.  And yet, when we stay in this place all the time, we’re missing out on so many opportunities.  And you may be surprised to hear that it takes more effort to stay here because we are resisting the natural flow of life that wants us to expand. It’s called the comfort zone. We all have it. Most of us are willing to do just about anything to stay in it.  Why is that?


We stay in our comfort zone because we’ve learned that the feeling of fear is uncomfortable and must be avoided.

That just isn’t so.  No one has ever perished from fear itself.

There are only two reasons a person will change…

  1. The new and different future state becomes so compelling that one can’t help but move towards it, or
  2. The pain of the status quo becomes so great that one just can’t bear it anymore and must change

Unfortunately when we’re in our comfort zone we are in self-denial about both of these options.  We fool ourselves into believing that we’re happier with the familiar or we ignore our inner longings and dreams pretending that they don’t exist.

Do you remember what’s on the other side?

There’s adventure and excitement outside our comfort zone.  There’s aliveness and zest when we dare to do it differently.  There’s confidence and empowerment when we do it and fail and do it again!  And there’s limitless abundance, prosperity, and well-being when we step past our perceived limits to reach closer to our real limits.

It’s a drab place in the comfort zone, so full of fear and getting by and mediocrity.  And it’s oh so average.  Stop being less and step out!

Why not do something today that gets you out of your comfort zone; something small or something big, a stretch, something new that you’ve never done before.  Find that nervous-excitement feeling inside and go for it!  You won’t be sorry.  In fact, I think you’ll be exhilarated. Let me know how it went when you’re on the other side!

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  • Thanks Marcia! Yes, it does feel really comfortable in the comfort zone. And sometimes in our industry we can be so focused on personal growth that we’re constantly stretching out of the zone, which can be exhausting! I think balance is the key. Everyone has their own threshold of how much stretching they can handle say in a month or a year. ;-)

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