Take control of your life after trauma and start growing toward a future that fulfills and inspires you


Learn how to evolve and create a positive future… even if you've experienced life-altering trauma.

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It's exhausting to be constantly reminded of your painful past as you go through life.

You do what they say and focus on the positive. But your thoughts, emotions and body bring you right back to those old wounds. 

I know, Brave One, I've been there too. Emotionally overwhelming events that are deeply distressing or disturbing can happen at any time in life. And they cause a chain reaction of psychological and physical effects that change you forever. 

Even after the initial shock and numbness wears off and you stabilize somewhat, you wonder if life will ever be ok again. You feel a sense of powerlessness and a loss of control, as your body, your mind, your actions have a will of their own. 

As the rest of the world keeps moving forward, and loved ones expect you to have moved on, you suffer in silence, wondering if you'll ever be able to look forward again. 

Or will your past be a ball and chain at your ankle that you drag around for the rest of your life?

Recovering from emotional trauma is one of the bravest things a human can do. 

You've been seeing a therapist or a healer, and you've been doing the work to recover. But it's a slog. And you wish there was more progress.

You're tired of looking at the past - analyzing it, feeling your feelings about it, talking about it. Every time you turn around, there is it... your painful past. 

Every time you look to your future, there's your past. 

There is a Way to Bring Joy, Peace and Sacredness into Your Life

Most recovery and therapy efforts are focused on the past... establishing a sense of safety and distance from the past, addressing the volatile emotions from the past, identifying how the past events have affected you, and remembering and mourning the past.

Yet, progress is more enjoyable and often faster when we use personal growth and the power of the mind to focus on the future. And, when we include the soul's perspective we can begin to allow the wonder and innocence back into life

Working with the unconscious mind, we are able to change the way experiences are stored in the brain, so that they no longer have the same effect on you that they once did. And deliberately embarking on a personal growth journey sets your focus on your desires for the future and on the person you wish to become. Broadening your viewpoint to include the possibility of a divine intelligence, opens the doorway for curiosity and self-forgiveness. 

It's time for a 180...

Turn around and weave the future golden, Brave One.

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Introducing Transcending Trauma

The Sacred Path to Post Traumatic Growth and Personal Evolution

Transcending Trauma is an online course designed to gently and safely re-orient trauma survivors toward their positive future. Using hypnotherapy, the power of the unconscious mind, and proven techniques for personal growth, Transcending Trauma guides you on the sacred path of personal evolution that builds on past trauma rather than anchoring you to it.

We call it Intentional Post Traumatic Growth. 

Transcending Trauma provides the road map for personal growth and complements the therapy and healing you are already doing.  Trauma recovery is challenging without a compelling reason to move toward your future. Recovery and Growth fit together like hand and glove.

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Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

Transcending Trauma is delivered in an online learning format over 12 weeks, beginning December 5th, 2019. You'll have access to key bonus content prior to course start. The 5 modules will be accessible in the portal in sequence, one every 2-3 weeks. Transcending Trauma provides everything you need to gently shift your focus toward your positive future, and a new normal that includes motivation, joy and inspiration.

What's included...

  • Live and recorded classes
  • Hypnotherapy and meditations
  • Tools, practices and exercises with handouts
  • Live coaching calls
  • Private group discussion forum
  • Bonuses...
Trauma-Informed Growth Support

Trauma creates unique psychological challenges, and this personal growth approach takes that into account. Change is easier when the neurology is soothed and ready.

Interactive and Self-Paced

The course is highly interactive and participants will be influencing the content included. It is also designed to allow for self-care breaks, integration time and personal pacing.

The Power of the Unconscious Mind

No other post-trauma personal growth course leverages tools of the unconscious mind: Hypnotherapy & NLP, as well as energy and spiritual tools, to soothe, relax and ready the trauma-impaired neurology for change.

Synergy with Healing & Therapy

Transcending Trauma is a perfect complement to healing, therapy, and recovery work. The two paths of healing and of personal growth augment each other, either simultaneously or one after the other.

Is Transcending Trauma For You?

It's perfect for you if...

  • You have emotional trauma in your past that you believe is blocking your progress toward your future  
  • You would like a personal growth road map and you have emotional blocks
  • You know you have trauma in your past, but you don't remember it (you don't need to for this course)
  • You're tired of talking about your trauma and are ready to move forward and get into action

It's NOT for you if...

  • You've experienced emotional trauma recently or are still in a traumatic situation... please find a counsellor, healer or therapist who can help you get stabilized emotionally during this early phase of trauma recovery
  • You are determined to hold onto the belief that your past trauma limits your present and your future
  • You have no trauma in your past and you are satisfied with your personal growth progress

Intentional Post Traumatic Growth

Transcending Trauma is a unique opportunity for trauma survivors to create their future. This course is a personal evolution program designed specifically for those who have traumatic experiences in their past. 

Transcending Trauma is perfect for brave souls who are on a trauma healing and recovery journey, to help them pivot their inner work from past-focused to future-focused so they move forward with balance, and find excitement and joy in life again. This course leverages the power of the unconscious mind to create inner shifts easily.  Hypnotherapy sessions in every module accelerate the learning and the internal shifts.

The tools and methods used in Transcending Trauma include hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming, systems and life coaching, energy work, shamanic practices, visualization, meditation, spiritual guidance, and more.

What are the alternatives?

Other online personal growth programs are driving and intense, and won't be sensitive to the needs of brave souls who are recovering from trauma.

To do this work with me privately would cost over $5,000. 

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The Transcending Trauma Course

The sacred path for post traumatic growth and personal evolution


Phase 1: Safety, Readiness and Inspiration

The neurological systems of survivors of trauma are tender, no matter how long ago the events occurred. This module establishes a baseline status check and provides tools and exercises to manage emotions, so that stability can be maintained while working through the course. The lessons and hypnotherapy in this module contain the mindset shifts as well as mental and energetic preparations to ready the system for positive change and inspire a positive future outlook.


Phase 2: The Changing Story

Here, the desired changes are clarified, and the healthy insights are mined from the past. You'll look at your life from the perspective of your soul journey. While some individual reflection will be asked of participants, in order to identify the story that's asking to be changed, this course will not be re-hashing or re-living the past trauma. The lessons in this module focus on the nature of reality and perception, and making empowering meaning of our experiences, with tools and strategies to do so.


Phase 3: Shifting and Integrating

This module is chock full of tools, practices and strategies to help participants increase their self-awareness, understand their own unique needs for self-care, and shed the self-perceptions that are keeping them trapped. New neural pathways for self-love and self-forgiveness will be opened. A process of letting go and releasing what's no longer needed makes way for the integration of the new. Many of these techniques are useful throughout life so downloading them for future use is encouraged.


Phase 4: Facing the Future

In this module, we turn squarely to face the future, now that you have more clarity on who you are and what you need. We'll visit your future and then craft a new compelling story of it. You'll set intentions and goals and we'll program your future with your biggest goal. During this process, you will be marking endings and completions and letting go, in order to fully step forward toward your brighter potential. All of this occurs within the arc of your soul purpose, and the insights from your past.


Phase 5: Fortifying and Strengthening

Module 5 is all about building mental agility, emotional intelligence and resiliency. You'll learn how to receive the messages that emotions are offering you, and the 5-step healthy emotional strategy. We'll practice tuning into to your inner wisdom and intuition, and strengthen your essence at its core. You'll learn key mental and emotional skill sets that are critical for balance, self-care and resilience.


You'll Also Receive These Bonuses

As soon as you're inside the course portal you have access to these amazing bonuses...

Bonus 1
Mindset Primer

Every personal change begins with a decision to believe something. And this Mindset Primer will provide the mind fuel for optimal receptivity and results in this course.

The Mindset Primer is an inspiring document plus a set of affirmations specifically designed for people moving beyond trauma. Printable posters are included for daily reinforcement.

Bonus 2
Re-connecting to the Body

You'll also receive the Re-connecting to the Body hypnotherapy recording. Many people who have experienced trauma have lost touch with their body and struggle to notice everyday sensations and emotions. 

This audio track can support you in gently re-establishing that important link to the innate wisdom in the body.

Bonus 3
Memory Muddler

This powerful audio recording will guide you through the exercise of diminishing the intensity of a disturbing memory. By changing the way the memory is coded in the brain, this tool will help to manage distracting and recurring memories.

An immensely useful exercise that you can start using right away.

About the Course Leader,

Sue Bowe

Sue Bowe is a Certified Trainer and Master Hypnotherapist and a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach. For a decade and a half Sue has been helping leaders and creatives uncover their blinds spots and transform emotional pain and old trauma, using the power of the unconscious mind. Her integrated and wholistic approach enhances mental and emotional wellness by addressing the emotional root cause and then paving a path for personal evolution and fulfillment.

Sue is excited to be bringing her signature approach to personal growth to this online format.

Sue Bowe
Sue Bowe

Here’s what people are saying about Sue

Rick Harris

Work Boot Consulting

Released Years of Difficulties

Sue has a gentle approach that helped me release years of difficulties and made me celebrate my life. With her help I took the steps to live a life I am grateful for. I have never been happier with my personal and business life.

Renita Alejandra

Health & Wellness Writer

On My Path to my Highest Potential

Sue facilitates meaningful, actionable change, and she will get you on the fastest path to your purpose-driven life and your highest potential.

Craig Williams

Williams Denim

An Extraordinary Transformation

The transformation I have gone through with Sue has been extraordinary! Issues that have plagued me for years are now gone and I struggle to even remember what they were.


Offered Anonymously

Creates a Space for Trauma to Resolve

In a sea of transformational coaches, Sue is a beacon of professionalism, compassion, and wisdom. She creates a space where trauma heals as much from her presence as from her process.

Carole Plant

Writer and Realtor

Become Your Highest and Best Self

Sue is a wise and wonderful individual who can and will help you become your highest and best self.

Kristina Solheim

Get to the Art

Healing my Past instead of Barreling Forward

Sue, my sessions with you are one of my biggest sources of healing my past instead of just barreling forward ignoring the pain I've become accustomed to. Thank you!

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* Blind Spots Alchemy and Change Activation Session description

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Dear Brave One

You've been through so much. And you deserve to live a life you love. I would like to personally invite you to join us in this ground-breaking course. I'm so excited to be bringing this unique training forward that's designed specifically for brave souls like you who have come through trauma. I've prepared a loving and safe container for you to land in and a robust process to guide you in your personal evolution path. Won't you join me? I'd love to see you on the inside!


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